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This app is being brought to you by the Government of Alberta. This app is intended for ages 14+. Some of the key benefits of this app are to: • Augment our current contact tracing efforts to provide guidance and care to those who are or may be infected • Help keep Albertans safe by limiting the spread of COVID-19 through more individuals self-isolating earlier The app is most effective if it reaches a strong penetration of usage among Albertans, which means the more people that use the app, the better the app works. Once a user registers their phone number with the app, the app uses bluetooth to log contact with other individuals who have the app when that contact is within approximately 2 meters. If a user tests positive for COVID-19, they will be contacted by an Alberta Health Service Contact Tracer, and asked to voluntarily upload their data to Alberta Health Services so that anyone the user came into close contact with over the previous 14 days can be notified. Geolocation data is not collected by the app or by Alberta Health Services. The Bluetooth exchange ID log data collected is stored locally in your phone in an encrypted form. This data will not be accessed by Alberta Health Services unless and until you choose to upload it as a result of being diagnosed with COVID-19. Mobile numbers or any other personal information are not revealed to other app users. AB TraceTogether is intended to be used for case and contact tracing to identify possible exposures to COVID-19. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis, or treatment of COVID-19. Individuals should be vigilant and follow public health guidelines and recommendations. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms should complete the online self-assessment athttps://myhealth.alberta.ca/Journey/COVID-19/Pages/COVID-Self-Assessment.aspx or contact Health Link by calling 811. Use of this mobile application, and use of the information accessed by it, is your responsibility. This application is provided ‘as is,' without warranty or representation of any kind including the use, accuracy, timelines, applicability, performance, security, availability or reliability of this application, or that it is free of errors or defects. The Government of Alberta is not responsible for any loss or damage, including but not limited to property damage, personal injury or death, arising from the use or non-use of this mobile application, any reliance on the information accessed by it, or any failure to access information through this mobile application. The Government of Alberta is not responsible for any damage to your mobile device or its operating system, or for any loss of or corruption of data, resulting from the downloading of this application.



  • One star app from a one star administration - surprised?

    By Xichetti
    If I could give this app no stars I would. not only does the app not work, when its running (whenever I remember top open it which is rarely) it sucks the battery down in no time. An inept app from an inept government that knows no limit to wastage. Remember the lost lives, bungled response and useless covid app next election. Kenney and Shandro are incompetent fools.
  • Working as expected

    By Daveylaz
    Version 2.0 is functioning as expected on my iPhone X. I agree with other commenters that integration with the Canada wide app would be helpful yet while waiting for that to happen this app is working very well within the province. I think it’s helpful that this app connects directly with the contact tracers here in Alberta, just one more tool when somebody gets an infection.
  • App Works or Doesn’t Work??

    By Ah_Mickey_Eh
    I wish people would not just repeat what others have said. I cannot remember the date I installed the app. But the important thing is some of what has been said here seems to be the case. It was very hard on my battery and it did not appear to be working. I do not believe I got any code and did not understand how this was supposed to work. I do not see any Government people in the comments or updates stating that these issues were fixed at all, especially regarding iPhones? This is not supposed to be a Political issue at all? The health care system is definitely BROKEN on many fronts, not just handling of Covid. But since there are many politicized comments here, I will add my own caution. Consider what the alternative is to the UCP government. Have you got such a short memory?!! The NDP always get the vote when the Conservative government screws up. But history proves unequivocally what happens when an NDP government is elected!! It was the beginning of the end just a short while ago!
  • Garbage

    By GrumpyCat1717
    What an embarrassment! The rest of Canada is using an app that works properly and Alberta is stuck with this inefficient piece of garbage endorsed by two immature politicians (Kenney, Shandro).
  • Download COVID Alert instead.

    By rparhar
    Write to your MLAs to get Alberta to switch to Canada’s national app, COVID Alert.
  • Useless...

    By Gree`D
    This app is a waste of taxpayer money (over half a million dollars!). Like others have stated, the app needs to be open to actually work... Quite useless. Take COVID seriously and use the built-in OS-level APIs, or scrap this app and let us use the properly developed Canada-wide “COVID Alert” app provided by the federal government. Feels like the Alberta government doesn’t care about our wellbeing...
  • GPS tracking

    By Richard AP
    Why this APP collect GPS data from user? It was set to use Bluetooth only.
  • Canada is no longer a free country

    By Jdehghani
    I’m compelled to download this app which allows the Government to invade my privacy, so I can participate in the border pilot program. Does anyone know if this app has access to all my phone data like face book and Instagram does?of course they will be tracking using location but can they; access your camera, microphone and all text and data etc. Does anyone know if the tracking stops after app is deleted? I’ll be deleted this app as soon as I’m clear of quarantine.
  • Useless

    By mesixfive
    When’s federal version that is reviewed by the privacy commissioner is available why would any province make their own app. This is terrible and uses all your battery power.
  • Giving up freedom for “safety”

    By freespeechisthenewbigfoot
    I don’t like the idea that this app is mandatory. It’s basically the government spying on citizens for their “safety”.