Cast for Streaming Home TV

Cast for Streaming Home TV


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Cast for Streaming Device app which lets you stream your favourite entertainment from your mobile device to your TV. Instantly connect to your Streaming device and share your favourite photos, videos, and music. Simple setup, straightforward controls, no delay, and no complex settings. You must connect your device to the same wireless network as your Streaming Device. Control your device and cast media from the comfort of your phone. If you still can not find your Streaming Device, make sure you already had your Streaming setup. Features: + Simple, instant setup. + Lightning quick response time. + Cast photos, videos, and audio. + Beautiful UI and smooth experience. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Any questions? Contact us:



  • Intrusive

    By Joseph Owens
    You get to view 4 photos. After that it is ransomware... pay your $27.99 if you want to see anything more.
  • Useless cash grab

    By killer-gerbil
    Just what it says
  • Needs Work.

    By Nischt
    Pro-Tip: When a user wants to see what settings can be changed, he will try to find where the settings are located. If there is a location that says “Settings”, and a user opens it up to find there is not one single setting, but a bunch of crap... Its likely that he / she would delete the app, and not have given you the courtesy of this email.
  • Pathetic

    By Banjobaby567
    Don’t waste your time
  • Way too expensive

    By AndApps
    Some apple app devs are too greedy. Insane subscription options that forces you to go lifetime $30 app purchase.. for what? Just to see some photos and videos on TV? What is the “premium” feature you pay for anyways? Other than getting rid of ads, I don't see any written benefits of getting paid version. I’m all up for supporting devs, but only willing to pay reasonably priced app that doesn’t semi-force me to pay.
  • Unexpectedly Poor

    By Hurrahay
    Couldn’t imagine that google can make such a messy app unless to push you to buy the pro version. I am going to remove it 5 minutes after I installed it. Not worth the hassle
  • Not a good App

    By 555ddd
    Not able to get money back on purchase and there is a 2-3 second delay in cast. Also, the free version is terrible as you only get one minute a day and there is no sound as well in the free version. Should have sound in free version and have at least 10 free minutes.
  • Forcing a subscription

    By ShadowDragonCorrin
    Giving a one star as I was forced to choose a subscription when trying to use the app to set up google chromcast.
  • Perfect app

    By pask0007
    Perfect app!
  • Arnaque

    By Again5175
    Tu payes et sa marche pas c’est d l’arnaque