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  • Really cool.

    By DogPig69
    My only gripe is a wish it would say when it’s done painting. Buzz kills
  • Come on

    By mos4567
    App need to have some Optional to say, hey, were finishing, so don’t do anything that smear up everything. a Finishing work only button Honestly I cannot tell you how many time I have had it get to the point I wanted, go to capture it, and at the last moment it flicks tons random paint everywhere , smeared randomly across the painting, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! STOP STOP STOP Wait for it to finally look good again and it dose the same thing. Pleas add a button that makes it stop doing things like that and just works on finishing.
  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

    By BellenElizabeth
    I just love experimenting with all the features!
  • This Program is really brilliantly, in that it...

    By Jonathans for Jonathan intl
    ....let’s you see the decisions it’s making, and, these neural net programs really are, “a big deal,” and I don’t think the rote part of the artwork, and the supplies, I s a fair gatekeeper, so what I’m saying is: (god help me) you really should try this
  • JohnnyG

    By commissaryjohn
    Probably the best app I use!
  • Wow!

    By dltwriter
  • Waste of $

    By llllllllllentini
    Not sure why this app has so many good reviews? It’s garbage.
  • Authentic painting looks with many variations

    By Dr Elvis P
    I bought Oilist a very long time ago and stopped using it. I tried it again today and WOW this version is a game changer! It has so many features that elevate the control we have over the results. Thank you for all the new features!
  • So many realtime options!

    By Ryanonymou5
    This app allows you to create infinite variety with its real time adjustable settings that you get to change as it ACTUALLY PAINTS your photos! Play until satisfied, pause any time to capture the right stage!
  • Great app to create impressionistic oil painting from photos

    By lazy impressionist
    Wish there are more u tube tutorial on how to use all their tools. If they include watercolor that would be great! Lazy Impressionist