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  • This games rlly good, but..

    By 𝔸𝕝𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕕_𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕜
    This games rlly good!I used to play it everyday with my older cousin so I decided to but the game. Night 3 was hard but night 4 was a whole new level.
  • It’s a good game but...

    By GD Blackout
    I just got this game and I was so excited to play and in a couple of hours I beat it and got the bad ending so I’m trying to get the good ending you know play the mini games but there is problem to access the mangle mini game you have to press those little arcade buttons on cam 7 and It’s literally impossible on mobile to press those tiny little buttons so please fix this
  • It’s amazing 😄🤩✨

    By Cookies cakes are awesome!
    It’s amazing I beat it on my brothers phone because it kept lagging on my first one but I got a new one and I’m working on beating it!

    By Rawr meow moo
    This is so cool I like that freddy chica bb foxy don’t kill you when get jumpscare and usually I can’t get pass night 2 and I actually beat it soon I will buy fnaf TWO
  • Love this game

    By &/@):
    This is my fav fnaf game. It’s so creepy and suspenseful. Play it cuz it’s great.
  • Ok we are done here

    By Jayden12!
  • Cool game

    By Rocnglo79
    I like this game,the only thing is that i like the old title music
  • Awesome game but...

    By hi good g a m e
    The game is very fun I like how you don’t die when jump scared and the nights are challenging but night 5 is so hard but it should be because it’s like the boss level I’m stuck on night 5 but in all it is a very fun game and I recommend it to anyone
  • Good Game

    By AjBrito809
    This is a very hard/mind working game, it requires concentration and you have on night 5 the puppet, foxy, chica, Freddy, and BB all go hard on you and you have to make sure to spam the audio button and when BB comes on your cam. Just turn it off, and when spring trap comes. SPAM!!!
  • Annoying and a failed game

    By tvm32701
    Horrible job Scott, you were going strong on this franchise up until this one, you title it fnaf instead of five nights at Freddy’s. This game was an obvious sign of your incompetence and it did so lousy, everything is so slow and I got angry every time I get jumpscared not because it’s scary but because it’s annoying how bad of a game you made