Dawn of Titans: War Strategy

Dawn of Titans: War Strategy

By NaturalMotion

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-12-07
  • Current Version: 1.42.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.55 GB
  • Developer: NaturalMotion
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.52653
From 35,341 Ratings


CONQUER the Shattered Kingdoms as you CONTROL EPIC TITANS in STUNNING 3D WARS! COMMAND thousands of troops together with GOD TITANS such as THOR, ZEUS, LOKI and many more! COLLECT them all, CAPTURE enemy territory, EXPAND your empire, DOMINATE the leaderboards, and BUILD your ARMY by taking part in the most engaging ACTION STRATEGY PVP WAR MMO RPG on mobile! Join your friends in ALLIANCES and take on DAILY EVENTS, including Alliance War, Raid Boss, Conquest and Assault modes! · Award-Winning, Console-Quality Graphics: Winner of IMGA Award for Best Technical Achievement and Game Artist of the Year. · Non-stop Events & Live Campaigns: War never stops in Dawn of Titans, with Events starting daily, and new Titans and rewards available each week. · Stunning Titans of Myth and Legend: Collect colossal Gods and Warriors and battle them out in epic fantasy PVP wars like you’ve never seen before. · 100% Real-Time Battle Control: Directly control legions of troops alongside your Titans, with full command of strategy, spell casting, attack and defense. · Form an Unbeatable Alliance: Unite with friends and take on other Alliances in the weekly Season leaderboard, and gather your total strength to take on new challenges each day. · Build the Ultimate Kingdom: Capture lands and build your fantasy empire as you take on other players in the most captivating action strategy MMO RPG on mobile! · Gather and Expand your Titan Collection: Collect Titans from real world myths and legends, such as the mighty Norse God Odin, or the Lord of Olympus himself - Zeus! · Equip and Upgrade your Army: Gear up your Titans and troops with powerful Relics and artifacts, and conquer the meta! --- Data connection required to play. Dawn of Titans is published by NaturalMotion Games The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service, found at http://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy, found at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy. The game will request access to Photos for purposes of Customer Service support. If you do not grant that permission, you will not be able to send us screenshots to help resolve any issues you might encounter.



  • Game is trash, support system is trash

    By Prancing Spider
    This game is a play to play game and is plagued with hackers that exploit holes in the developers bad attempts to stop them. There is even a website dedicated to helping people hack and in its description it says the website is here to offset the developers greed. They (devs/support) consistently screw up and don’t compensate you for any of it. The game is total trash and I wish I had never played it. Don’t waste your time, you’ll be better off for it.
  • Dawn of Titans

    By Bahb01
    Anyone who is looking for a visually pleasing game with great customer service will like this game - for a few weeks. I’ve been playing for a long time, and the developers have ruined everything for most players who are not flush with money, ready and willing to spend. They have changed the game over and over to make playing it without big spending pretty much impossible. My team has worked so hard for a very long time, working our way up through the levels of the game, growing and playing as it was originally meant to be, enjoying the game all the way. Natural Motion, over time has made events more constant, more contrived, and much longer, geared towards stripping us of money and taking lots of the enjoyment out of the game. My crew has been together for a number of years, but we are gradually coming to the understanding that the developers only want to line their pockets, the faster the better. They let mega alliances move to even the most remedial levels of the game, allowing them to dominate the smallest of teams, preventing those teams from growing and becoming competitive. It’s very sad that it has gone this way. They have ruined a truly terrific game out of greed. They allow bullying and unfair play, keeping teams that really want to work hard to win in levels they can’t escape, unable to move up because they won’t fix the game to allow smaller teams to grow. Do yourself a favor. As much as I love this game, please read ALL of the reviews and understand what you’re getting into BEFORE you choose to play. And don’t forget to get all of your money lined up on the table before you jump in.
  • BUGS!!

    By brosky_428
    If I play more than 15 mins through the campaign and I go back to my citadel I can’t select anything or collect any resources. The only way around it is if I close the app but even after that it’ll happen again. It’s a great game, please fix these bugs!!!

    By srikargr
    Used to be an amazing game to play. But the devs seem to have just given up. Do not waste your time or money on the game. The new model of the game is built in such a way that you spend loads of money every week. The events are long and take a lot of time to finish…and the frequent glitches where some players would get all the event rewards without event playing anything is happening waaaay to often for my liking…the customer service is non existent. Devs dont pay attention to anything anymore they will do what they want and even of you spend money you will end up feeling robbed…..NEW USERS STAY AWAY FROM THE GAME SERIOUS WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY
  • Used to be great, walked away

    By AdamJ917
    Was a long time player since 2016-2017, this had been my favorite game. The graphics are amazing, in-battle controls and strategy is very fun. It’s impressive for a mobile game. However, there are bugs, glitches, and was ruined mainly by greed and poor customer support. Things have changed in the past two or so years, Zynga is mainly to blame. Anytime you contact support you always get the same canned copy/paste corporate responses. Support is horrendous, it’s known in the community how little they help or care, worst of any game I’ve ever played. All of their altars are casino style or random. You save up divine gems for months by doing events, grinding for hours on end, only to have “a chance” at divine relics or titans, and never get what you want. You wind up with duplicates or items of no use to you. Me personally, 5 of 8 were duplicates, very disheartening. Rather than get creative with new game modes, they just keep releasing new titans again and again, just making stats higher and higher. All while the soul requirements get higher and higher, nearly all but eliminating F2P. This seems like an effort to milk the player base dry, as Titan shelf life is all time low. This used to be my favorite game, but it forced me to walk away from a great community, and what used to be a great game. - ANJ -
  • Devs encourage hackers in greedy money grab & pay to win

    By John.Appleseed
    Delete this app before it loads onto your screen. I played over a year and spent money on every event and fought in wars. I really liked this game up until the last several months. The current event had a glitch that let many players receive soul counts way beyond finish. They’ll get 2 titans. The rest of us got a sorry/not sorry bot reply. We’ll have to pay for this event while many won’t. The hackers in this game used to be minor. They’re a big problem now and devs do nothing about these guys when they’re reported. Players speed hack and win in seconds. Impossible because it takes longer just to load the battle. One of the worst speed hackers is a friend of the devs. Divine gems cost lots of money to get through events, and you get op relics with them. The devs refuse to let you select the expensive relic, and people can get 5 of the same relic. Devs do nothing. The devs give Certain players 50.000 divine gems, and more, for free. This became a corrupt game and much of it is dev promoted and approved. It’s easy to see why because legit players have to spend to keep up with dev sponsored players. The game glitches, freezes, and the op titan this week is the trash titan next week, but you have to keep spending to keep up. Dev corruption, greed, a quickly diminishing player base, no new players, have made a once-fun game into a waste. The graphics are nice. Very nice. However, After doing thousands of raids, they become as tedious as this game’s mechanics. Avoid Dawn of Titans. Many are leaving. All games have an endpoint. Dawn of Titans reached it.
  • Tremendous Potential Ruined by Glitches and Greed

    By Meg_12345
    Nice game that is very expensive and plagued by frequent glitches and a meta that changes way too frequently. Very unfriendly to free2play players and most $ players alike. Have played this game for two years and the glitches and meta changes are happening way too frequently. The game is dying because the developers are killing it. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME.
  • DOT/Zynga support doesn’t respond so now what?

    By Cecelia1972
    The game server went down in my area and I’ve submitted 4 requests for support tickets through the Zynga website and a request for any kind of help through DOT FB IM to ask what to do when tech support doesn’t respond. No access for 11 hours now and no tech response in 7 hours. The event was poorly set up and now this is the result. What is going on with DOT and Zynga???
  • Fix your game

    By Notnice76
    Hacker city this game is and developers allow it to happen and never get any feed back from the cause they don’t care , all they care about is regular spending people go against hackers so they make money !!!!!!!!! Trust me play another game!!!
  • Dot

    By Arsenic78
    I think this is good and I’m pretty sure it isn’t play to win. Personally that is why there are alliances. In events you have a way higher chance to get a good 4* so whoever says this is play to win has no idea what they are talking about.