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  • Superfluous App, Poor Quality Matches

    By Fb Employee
    The app tries to market itself as an exclusive app with high demand and top quality members well-worth the wait. In reality, it’s a lie and completely misleading. The initial waitlist that you’re put on is false. There are not that many users applying to use the app and it only serves as a mechanic to get you excited to use the app and potentially waste money to get entrance to the platform. Next you’re assigned a concierge which they tell you is a real person. The concierge is not real and almost all of the messaging you receive is automated unless you use a few key words that get escalated to an offshore team. Ask yourself, why would Connor, 6’2, Harvard Law Grad, living in Manhattan work as a minimum wage concierge for an app when he could be working toward a sustainable career? He wouldn’t. But Connor was my Concierge. You have no ability to look through candidates so you have to trust the systems matching algorithm which is trash. I know, I am a machine learning software engineer who builds these things for a living, this one is dirt. How? Set your preferences. 25% of my potential matches are not within my preferences even though the app states it will only show me matches that fit my preferences and vise versa. The app charges ridiculous amounts for VIP (premium) features of up to $399 a month for access to crappy features like seeing who matched with you before they show up in your list of potential matches and getting “highly desired” (they call them All Stars) matches from LA. I wasn’t even in LA. Why would I want that let alone pay $400 for it. Worst of all, the guys here aren’t even high performing professionals. A lot of guys here actually don’t have jobs but since the app just quickly scans LinkedIn to validate your profession, it has no way of validating. The lingo is also terrible and cliche. They’ll ask you if you “want to make a power move?” as if finding a partner in life is like some Hollywood rendition of a corporate takeover. Stick with the basic apps. Most of the guys you see on there are the same guys on The League.
  • Worst app

    By disapponnted
    Today’s update: out of 5 “matches” 5 out of state.
  • Nothing Elite about this!

    Was actually foolish enough to pay for a three month membership. Complete waste. Same quality as people on Hinge or Bumble.
  • Childish

    By Ian 1010
    This reminds me of a 3rd grade game. No one wants to play games and “do this for this” or have confusion at this stage. Needs to be clear cut and not a mystery as to whether you are using the dating app or not! I think the company is confusing elite adults for dramatic children.
  • Lackluster with huge lack of diversity

    By SharperBeast
    There is a huge lack of diversity, what’s the use of setting filters if they’re not going to filter through people at all? Also, many people’s accounts are incredibly under developed. I wonder how some people go through the screening process with bare accounts, and others with full accounts, wait 6+ months.
  • The only eligible guy...

    By emamack
    I’ve matched with a handful of guys and swiped right since joining in Fall 2017. I hearted on three last year. Had to lower my expectations just to get that many matches. The only eligible guy is the ‘concierge’. But actually.
  • This site is lousy and a complete rip off

    By jkrock340
    What kind of a site makes you pay $400 to join and then charges you big $ to see who likes you?????? Scam
  • Worse than the others

    By wicceta
    Worse than the other dating apps out there. Took about two whole days to get in, depsite being in spot ~400,000/500,000 then I was only shown three people and had nothing else to do except wait until tomorrow to see (probably) another three. No point in seeing only 3 people a day nor paying a ton of money for more. Apps that are actually exclusive like raya don’t even charge as much as this one.
  • Met my husband using The League!

    By Chels Sklar
    After two weeks on the app I was matched with my now husband! I couldn’t wait for happy hour each day, and as soon as I saw his picture I knew I needed to meet him! The rest is history
  • Where in the world am I?!

    By cerca de aqui
    One thing that hasn’t worked for me with this app is that the I’m often matched with people physically very far away, and the concierge didn’t really help explain why that is. I think the app still mixes in people who live where I lived 5 years ago, but that’s awfully assumption that I might return!