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    By crayyfish
    This is awful. The new update blows. Please change it back.
  • Great Game

    By MKayHan
    I really like this game and love the new layout that came with the recent update. The only thing I don’t like about the update is you can tell what your goals are in the levels when you click on the levels.
  • Fun game but

    By MellVR
    You just removed landscape mode. Why would you do this, very difficult to play now on 12.9 inch iPad ;( very sad
  • Easy and relaxing

    By Busy Mommy 123
    Most of the former Facebook games are too hard and too money hungry. If you download this game you will find it’s extremely hassle free.
  • No landscape mode for iPad users . Update shows little care.

    By linniek1
    This week’s update has ruined this game for me,which I've been playing for years. The game Interface only appears in portrait mode and you cannot rotate the orientation of the dusplay. you’re out of luck if you’re an iPad user.. . I am an old , legally blind person and apps that only use portrait mode are unusable for me. My field of vision does not encompass an entire iPad in portrait mode. I assume this is the developers attempt to cram more stuff they're trying to sell you onto a page but I would think they're already making enough money by the in app coins some items you almost always need to progress in the game which are, By the way, almost never on sale! It is most discouraging how developers’ greed has ruined many good Apps over the past few years!
  • Toy blast

    By Mschrod
    I love toy blast
  • Used to be fun

    By Eponine923
    Absolutely hate the new update. It’s uncomfortable to hold the iPad and play in portrait mode. The levels eventually become unattainable without paying money for tools & extra moves. The level I’m currently on gives you a mere 25 moves to burst through lockers then get rid of the pac man candy cane guys then open vaults & money bags then bust open two dishwashers & smash the dishes. All of these take multiple moves & 25 isn’t even close to being enough. Deleting.
  • Didn’t like the new update.

    By Rafah_
    The new update is so not friendly, the previous one was much nicer, clearer, and usable! This current one is a bit slow also :/
  • What’s wrong with the new update

    By taylor foley destiny
    Why can’t I receive life’s from my friends ? It’s been 24 hours since my update and I haven’t received any life’s from my friends
  • Dumb game

    By Oh my god this game on iPad
    Hard, ads force you into AppStore, just dumb.