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  • Membership idea

    By Amccur
    Make it more accessible, so non-paid members can see “who likes them”. It’ll go a long way in improving your operation.
  • Some technical issues, but a great tool!

    By Asymmeter
    Chats can be finicky and I’ve lost my access a couple times in the last year, but it’s up and working more often than not. I’ve also met some very sexy people and I really appreciate having an app that specifically supports nonmonogamous and adventurous people like me 😄
  • It’s fixed!

    By studycourts
    Here’s my original review: This is a great idea. I loved using it until this last update. Now, it’s completely unusable. I WILL GIVE FIVE STARS AGAIN ONCE THIS IS FIXED because the platform is great. Here are the details. After the last update, the app started automatically logging me out every time I switch to another app or the phone locks. Then I’d have to log back in every time with my email. So I followed the troubleshooting instructions and deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now I can’t log in at all. When I click on the link that is sent via email, it just opens my web browser to whichever page was open there. So I hope my connections don’t think I’m being standoffish. I just can’t respond to them because I can’t open my app. UPDATE: The glitch was fixed in less than a day. Now I get to say that the app is really fun and I recommend it. Yay!
  • Bummer

    By ThatWeirdGirlNextDoor
    This app has some bugs but mainly it’s just not very popular so there’s very limited matches. Definitely a waste of money and I cancelled my subscription within a day 😫
  • I love this app but...

    By Zara Jyne
    The app keeps thinking I’m starting a new account and I have to keep sending verification links to my email whenever I log in. I already have an account and I’m getting really frustrated over this.
  • Fix the bugs please

    By cmicheil
    Currently I can’t even log in..
  • Facebook login almost never works

    By MAK5294
    I can never login using Facebook. I keep getting notifications for an account I can’t open. I’d like to delete it but I literally can’t. You guys don’t have contact information. Someone please contact me. Thanks in advance
  • Good App for us

    By GamerJinx
    Now, I am still new to the app, but I really I love with the app. However, I am getting annoyed that when I back out the app to check a message or answer a phone call it logs me and I have to go back to the email login all over again. If have the option to stay login, well that would be great.
  • Absolute trash code

    By Did not work at all!
    This app forces me to create a new account every single time I open the app. Every time requesting to confirm my email and sometimes even to re-fill out the same information over and over again. Basically unusable with more bugs than a wet log.
  • I hate the login through email process.

    By Ugh23really
    Had deleted this app a year ago. Thought I would give it a go again. I was excited to use my email instead of connecting through FB - but it’s a pain. It won’t just let you be on with a password or kept logged in such as Tinder or basically EVERY other app out there?!?!? WHY?!?!? Instead I have to enter my email and then get sent a link to my email to login EVERY TIME. God forbid I should put my phone down or answer a text because then I get to go through the entire process again. Also the birthday bug isn’t fixed. I saw my birthday had the incorrect day tried fixing didn’t work, but took away two age adjustments in the process. It’s just the day so not a big deal, but it’s annoying. It’s still incorrect. Honestly when on it before wasn’t treated very respectfully or kindly by the other members (actually worse than any of the apps) so to have to go through the login bs and then maybe have some terrible people on the other side seems less than worth it.