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  • So bad app

    By yossi1590
    Just a terrible app
  • Stole my money

    By ab19951948
    I subscribed and the app didn’t even notice the subscription it just kept telling me I have to subscribe if I want to access certain features. I’ve sent multiple emails to the support team and all they’ve done is tell me to turn my restart my phone and log off and then log back into my account. Give me a refund already or actually help me out.
  • Its barely ok...

    By N8mare39
    Barely get any matches. And if you do get matched girls would easily ghost you, it feels like you started a conversation with a bot. Everytime i hear people talking to me about going back on dating apps, this is the reason why. And so far this app is one of the worst, with very limited swipes a day and barely any matches and most profiles are fake bots. I would stay away from this one and try okc or tinder or any other apps...
  • Horrible

    By TdameritradeChaseBank
    I’ve just realized that I’ve officially been on this app for 5 years and have not gotten a single date! It is also very buggy and freezes all the time. DO NOT PAY FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE! Totally worthless!
  • The app is defective

    By LoveHeals777
    This app has many glitches. It’s been around for a while and they haven’t removed the major bugs. You will see the same 5 profiles rotate and then app gets stuck there regardless of you swipe yes or no. The app also will put up ads like 10 times and once you swipe it, it won’t go away. They call themselves the #1 dating app. I’m not sure that info came from. It seems that it’s not marketed or people are tired of the glitches that there are very few profiles on there. I also don’t like they use the Star of David in red or green to say yes or no. The star or david is a sacred symbol. There are so many other symbols they could use. That’s my 2 cents..
  • Success

    By elansk29
    Found my Jewboo with this app! L’chaim!
  • Dead app should shut down

    By ClassicsRox
    Like 20 people using this app in the SF Bay Area - no one. No longer serves a purpose, other better apps can filter by religion anyway. Deleted. And I don’t use Facebook and I’m not using Apple to sign in.
  • The app works so bad

    By Robinrobino
    I don’t talk about how many people you can find etc, but just about the app. It’s horrible! It doesn’t works well, you write messages and people don’t receive it, the app is literally full of bugs. Sometimes connects me with someone 5000 miles far from me... I would ask for a full refund if I can.
  • Love this dating app.

    By Pal photography
    This app gives you a great opportunity for finding the right person from your type of community. Thank you. We need to remember to say that more often to people that try to help in this world 🙏🏼
  • Glitchy

    By MP*2009
    Matches and chats disappear and then reappear randomly.