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  • Not worth the $

    By staff chat
    If you like spending money but not getting what you are paying for ... this app is for you.
  • Missing a lot

    By Tom Brody
    Needs a big update compared to the android version in terms of functionality
  • it’s an ok app

    By Riscer
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I like this app because all you need is a google account to buy/rent movies, it’s super cheap, easy to download, movie quality is ok nothing special, I’ve had a few long periods of waiting because loading big can be long but overall it’s not bad. I wish I could use amazon video or something but I’m not old enough to get an account for those things, so this works perfectly.
  • Don’t buy anything accidentally

    By mfarmar
    Accidentally bought a movie while logged into someone else’s account, caused their bank account to go negative, so I sent a message for it to be refunded multiple times, never received a response. It said I should receive a response within 48 hours - ha. Also I was told by someone else that refunds should be easy - ha. Not happy and don’t plan on buying through this app anymore. Will stick with vudu.
  • Garbage UI

    By Isthisnametakenyet74837483
    I’m boggled by the user interface here. Upset that Friends was leaving Netflix, I bought the entire series for only $50 through Google Play. Great deal! However, the player is crap. First of all, it’s not separated by season. If I want to watch something later in the series, I have to scroll through allllll the episodes before it. It’s also not super obvious where you left off. The episode titles also do not fit on the tiles, not even close. So basically the only info you get is “Season 4 episode 2...The One...” (“The One” is how all the episode titles start). If you leave it on binge watching mode, the next episode starts before the current one is over (seriously! How is this an issue in this day and age?). If you turn binge watch mode off, then once an episode ends, it goes back to the menu with all the episodes, but not scrolled to the episode you just watched or anywhere near there. There is a “Last Watched” indicator on the last watched episode but you have to be right on top of the episode tile to see it. Lastly, there is no option to go back 10-15 seconds like with most other streaming services. Everything about this UI is so so so bad.
  • Worthless

    By Bluej777
    Won’t let let play movies on mu Tv. Absolutely worthless app.
  • New home page is terrible!

    By pcsorensen
    I can’t believe that only ten suggestions come up on the home page. It’s impossible to browse shows now. Uninstalling from my IOS devices...
  • Knowingly lacks key features

    By TCAllen07
    Anything you can buy or rent on Amazon is far better than on Google Play, even if it costs more. I wish I’d spent 2.5x as much as I have to purchase the same content on Amazon than from Google. After years of app development, emphasizing a half-assed attempt at recognition of characters & actors (only when paused), still Google refuses to add the simple ability to skip forward/backward or even variable scrubbing (which Apple devices have supported for years). Making watching anything with action or sudden events a pain. Google knows this, but for some weird reason just won’t add basic skip-fwd/skip-back buttons.
  • Can’t chromecast with this app

    By Angelinoc
    BETA app. Very unhappy that I just spent money on renting a movie and can’t even cast to my chromecast compatible devices. Will rent from competition (plenty out there) until this is fixed.
  • 😕

    By ?(!?!!??
    This is a really good app but i cant buy anymore movies for some reason.....