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  • Super glitchy

    By trumpwinsbug
    Never saves password on any device. Even after writing it down and triple checking it still Ames me reset it each time
  • Best in the world!

    By potato3790
    I know I named the title of this review a reference to CM Punk. Anyway I haven’t tried it yet on my phone but I have it on my tv. So I already know what it does.
  • Terrible service

    By Jaym3x
    Always a problem with the playback & the app is always not working
  • WWE

    By NCMountaingirl
    No notifications or updates
  • One star for content, everything else = bug city

    By Holy Crap this is a nickname
    The playback on this app is abysmal, there are constantly bugs (tried to watch NXT Takeover; Vengance. Clicked on the icon and the Yokozuna program immediately started playing. Closed the app, tried again, and when I attempted to press pause the icons simply weren’t there so I had to leave the program entirely), the search feature is incredibly vague, being able to save a list of PPVs to rewatch or matches to rewatch doesn’t often work, honestly the bugs are endless. I had ended my membership subscription for several months and recently tried to re-engage but the app is truly awful. Probably going to cancel again.
  • Really ?

    By IhateDUMBAPPS1987
    Watching any ppv will make it crash. How many times i’ve had to end up watching live reactions instead because the app will randomly crash. Then the people who live stream the reactions PPV CRASH! then people’s only resort is looking at it on instagram. Wrestlemania, Takeovers, Elemnation Chamber, etc... Don’t waste your money. Just wait till the make the move to the other app or whatever they’re doing. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • The best app

    By hjmbjn
    All the pay-per-views- in one place i get to old and new fights best app.
  • They don’t care about their fans

    By ACRiddick
    The app has become a waste of time, it won’t even let you pause, fas5 forward, reverse, or even use their own links to go to a part of the program you want to watch. The WWE and the people who work on this hate it’s customers, thank god for the UFC.
  • Bad

    By mbumb
    Keeps logging me out in the middle of watching something. Especially annoying if it’s a live pay-per-view.
  • Poorly developed app

    By Oedx08
    There are so many things wrong with the app. At this point there should be PIP and if there’s not going to be, I should be able to resume where I left off, not be taken back for the opening page. On top of that, after I search for what I was watching, it’s from the very beginning of the program. Also, when I search a specific superstar and scroll down through the video categories it doesn’t allow me to scroll back up. Every time I click any button the app asks me if I’m enjoying using it. It’s like an annoying pop up on a virus ridden computer. There’s just so much wrong with the app and it really needs to be updated and modernized. Such a huge company can’t be putting out such a low functioning app.