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  • Unreliable service. Lack of timely confirmations

    By Yayasha2
    Today eFax service sporadically went into continuous loop of failing to authenticate and retries. Normally after N attempts app should allow to use other authentication method to get out of infinite loop
  • STOP

    By Sunshyn650
    I have an iPhone and bought 250 credits for faxing. Tried to use it and it FAILED!!! MANY TIMES! I asked for refund and they said apply through the App Store. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!
  • Password reset issue and customer service

    By Unhappy Business Customer
    Password reset is not interchange from PC to iOhine. Customer service would not listen to issue and literally hung up the phone! She did reset from lock out but still had troubles. Accent is awful and not friendly.
  • False free trial and spam faxes

    By Nielleluvzu
    I tried them out for a “free” trial, and was still charged. THEN on top of that I was bombarded by spam faxes.
  • Satisfied!

    By awilliams_93
    Great and convenient way to fax plus you get a free trial :)
  • Face ID is a JOKE

    By Deere Freek
    It consistently does Face ID until you cover the camera and force it to not recognize then it works fine. Very frustrating glitch for $16.99. If it does not get fixed I will delete the app.
  • Mala

    By davidyter
    La peor aplicación y muy costosa,en realidad no la recomiendo para nada
  • Careful

    By Cefinusa
    This app auto charges and renews a monthly fee just to open it, Recommended to stay away from this click bait
  • Unsatisfied

    By Looking2215
    App not working the way it use order to send multiple pages you have to screen shot it then crop the pic, and add as an attachment. Don’t receive a Sent email confirmation anymore.

    By Dave189bikea
    I sent a 2 page fax that since it took two hours in the hands of eFAX, they charged me $10.00 for it. They do not tell you that if the charge exceeds a certain(unknown to CSR) number of seconds, they calculate it in additional pages. My 2 page was converted to something like 167 page charge. Instead of the fax coming back incomplete, eFux, in their control kept trying for over 2hours. Knowing the ludicrous charge, why not it just come back unsent?????? Then the price per page difference should have only been like under $2 but I was told they charge $10.00 minimum up front and the rest is credit to following month charge. That did not happen at all. Full monthly charge- CROOKED!! Customers can’t cancel the fax either. All they say is a normal fax should take 60 seconds. They did say they would refund it but I have not seen it and I want my monthly fee partial credited back too. They started the greed. I want to end it fairly. They can keep 1/3 of the fee for my 4-5 faxes. Will see if they do.