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  • Highly recommend

    By AugustEhster
    I personally, heavily recommend this calculator. It has a good functionality, doesn’t crash on use, and has four different modes you can use. It’s simple, and despite the ads works very well. I don’t mind the ads as long as the calculator works well and you don’t heed the subscription to actually use the calculator. It’s functionality is not impaired by the ads, and it’s quite easy to use. Much better than any apple calculator. As I previously mentioned, I heavily recommend this. Thank you for reading through my review, I hope this insight was helpful.
  • Very nice calculator

    By Atlanta's Choice
    This calculator is easy to use and has other functions that can come in handy… I like the fact that you can select from many color combinations too. Try it…you’ll like it!
  • Too many ads

    By SE-Esk
    Recently, getting too many ads while using covering the work. Annoying!!
  • App is great

    By Rick770
    Adds are a major annoyance and take away from the app.
  • So good

    By Foster fox girl
    I love this app it works so good and I did 1000 -547 And it is 563
  • Key tool for estimating in a service businesss

    By Wugwig
    At 63 I need a simple straight forward tool to calculate yardage, materials and labour. This is the tool for me. Easy to use and perfect size for my aging eyes.
  • Nice

    By rateat
    Great app
  • Pop up ads, really? In a calculator app? DELETING!

    By FunkySoundZ
    Ruined by pop up ads… unbelievable!
  • Used to be so much better

    By mine248
    This app used to have such a clean experience, but now it’s gone downhill with the amount of ads going on. Will be searching for another calculator app.
  • Amazing!

    By JLack Chick, Man
    I looooove the size and simplicity of the layout. Great, great app! EASY to use and see. ❤️❤️❤️❤️