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  • The Ads update

    By sgtaverywade22
    I understand the need for ads and to make money but you get paid monthly just for people wanting to watch off of your app i don't understand the excess of ads i just want to watch a show without haveing to see 4 different ad breaks not to mention most the time its the same adam and eve commercial its sad to see a good site gone to waste, its really hard to stay connected to a good show because of all the ads i just wanna feel the emotions in the show and then boom another ad appears would rate lower if i could
  • Not Working: Day 3 .. Way too many adds with cost

    By VenusBellona25
    Please fix the glitch. I have excellent WIFI and only Hulu doesn’t work. Starting to make me rethink my Hulu TV Plan. (Reduce adds too for those that play extra please??) *Will update when fixed
  • live tv 🤨

    By :/:\:|
    soooo the app is great & all but yall needa stop it with the subscriptions or whatever its called because i was in the process of rewatching boondocks & i come back to find that i gotta watch it with a live tv subscription 💀 that just ruin the whole app for me . netflix the move now & cyberflix :) i was jus tryna vibe & watch shows that wasn’t on netflix but fasho on hulu but no 🌚 i gotta pay more to watch something on a app that i had to pay to watch it on , yea no ma’am no sir . at least give me boondocks back cause i was tryna reminisce but now i can’t & thats not even fair cause i started on it & now i cant finish it cause its locked ... 😐 it jus dont add up .
  • Incessant errors

    By marill45
    I get more error messages than I get episodes of shows I get to watch. I find myself having to close the app and reopen it every time I want to watch a new episode, and it doesn’t even remember where I was, I have to hunt through the list of episodes and read summaries to find where I left off, only to watch one episode and have to go through it all again.
  • Needs improvement

    By Candilox
    The platform feels less intuitive, the commercials are always louder than the show and there are to many commercial breaks. Also off putting that the only option to upgrade the account is to delete/cancel and start over, really agitated that it’s so convoluted trying to give you more of my money. I do like the content and originals but the app feels like a hassle to often.
  • YOU BROKE IT - Not connecting since last update

    By Chil7
    Keeps telling me that internet signal is weak or not available on my iPad Pro, latest iPad os. Every other streaming app works just fine on my iPad and Hulu on my Note 9 works on the same connection just fine. Update: I’ve tried multiple 5G and 2.4 connections and the only app not connecting is HULU on iPad. It’s the app.
  • I like it

    By ninag95
    Works great and commercials seem to go by quick :)
  • Ok

    By bad brad24
    It has a ton of good shows that I love watching but I feel like if I’m paying for a subscription in shouldn’t have to watch 2 minutes ads
  • Crashing

    By DenverLeslie
    As of three days ago the app crashes constantly on my iPad. Tried deleting and downloading again with no better result. Assume its the latest version. Haven’t been able to watch at all. Open a series, select an episode, video starts and then it just closes and I'm on my home screen. Ridiculous. Please fix the iPad app!!!! Otherwise, give me a refund for the lost days.
  • Can’t even see something you started watching

    By Dejavool
    Worst entertainment app I have seen