Jewellery Friday

Jewellery Friday

By Upperpik Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

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Collect golden rings, bracelets and precious jewellery!



  • It’s okay

    By nutmeg1512
    Okay so I JUST started playing this game and overall it’s okay but when your putting jewelry on it lifts up the middle finger and that’s a little inappropriate and it dose say it for ages 4 plus so maybe you should change that cause their could be a 5 year old who doesn’t know about and do it. So please change that thank you for reading this!
  • The middle finger

    By faaanmaaan
    Like really,do you want 4 year olds showing their parents jeez
  • The app is WONDERFUL

    By Merekoly
    I think the game is really easy, I love that we can create our own rings for free, I also like the rings you make, So keep adding wonderful stuff so maybe you’ll get a lot more 5 stars!
  • Great app just one suggestion

    By hydhdyhd
    This app is great! there is barley any ads and i recommend this app to anyone who loves jewelry like me but there’s one thing. After you collected all the hands (which is supper easy), there’s nothing you need to have the money for. I recommend you make some of the rings cost money so you have something to look up too. but overall i’m addicted!✨ if you read all of this thanks you :)) 😊

    By Kaly☺️☺️☺️☺️
    Ok look, it says 4+, BRUH and it shows the middle finger look, I am 15 and my little cousin is 5 and I was baby sitting her and she was on her ipad and I saw her playing this game I thought it was a good game then I made her a snack and I saw her ipad again and then I saw the middle finger After I took her ipad and deleted the game and then she was sad but that’s not the point, pls creater(s) fix this at least make it 12+ or 9+. Thank you for reading☺️😌🦋✨💅🏻
  • Not 4+

    By needs re-thinking
    So basically the game is okay overall it’s fine ig but it literally puts up the middle finger and some kids might think that’s ok so they will start putting up that finger, and I know that because my little sister did. But the game is okay and kinda fun so I recommend but I want them to fix the middle finger thing. And if it’s for 4+ it shouldn’t be there.
  • It’s fun but one thing :/

    By Oliviarodrigofangirl
    Ok it’s an awesome game everybody who plays should know that there’s not a lot of ads it pretty simple but when ur mid way through the game and there is to many rings on a finger it switches to the next any idea what finger that is??? It points up the middle finger and like 4+??? But besides that it’s a rly fun game but I don’t think a 4 year old should play this btw
  • Fingers

    By what🤔
    Why would you say 4+ when it stick the middle finger????!!? Up when it is done with the pointer finger????! Idk WHAT made you put up the middle finger??! So this should be 12+ and 1 star what happens when a 4 year old shows this to his her mom and yeah I hope they blame it on YOU Creator(s) yea I was on the first level and showed to my mom and then DELETED it and 4 years olds should not be seeing this at ALL So to conclude why would you make this ????!!
  • Yikes

    By princess sleeze
    Everyone keeps talking about the middle finger which is an issue, but the unnecessary aave overuse isn’t needed. Saying “yas queen” or “slay!” isn’t needed. If it was ment to be funny, it’s not.
  • Why

    By Gregory Kate
    Do not play it. After I got done with the first finger it switch to the middle finger. Do not download it. Young children should not see that.