Fambase: Live & Group Chat

Fambase: Live & Group Chat


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We design a social app that encourages engagement more than "noisy" notifications and millions of features. Less is more. We took the most importance for your community to be growing and engaged. Why us? 1. Close-knit community - Invite directly into your group via QR-code. It works as an invitation to join your network's group, it expires within 24 hours so be sure that you will have only highly engaged people in your community. 2. Safe and Sound It's totally private space for your community. Support an aspiring debate, share things that really matter and you'll never get banned for that. 3. All in one place Launch live groups, where users can chat and send private messages, join streams, send and receive gifts all in one place 4. 9 streamers unite better than 50 Do not turn your chat into a noise bomb with massive group streaming. Optimize the content flow, invite up to 9 most active users to group streaming. The community attention would be focused. 5. Every day is a new beginning Start a new topic every day and discuss it without hesitation. If someone did something shameful, do not worry, all messages will be cleared after 24 hours.



  • If only I could hear

    By Skateboy85
    As stated in the header the app is grate if only I could actually hear the ppl open your mouth baby watching it’s been this way for 2 mouths and no matter how many times I delete the app and reinstall nothing changes.
  • Links don’t work

    By dlaraia55
    Anytime I try to use a link instead of bringing me to the page it’s brings me to the App Store page. I already have downloaded the app!!
  • Mute

    By @Burniton
    We should be able to mute.
  • Links don’t work

    By KØNGwasTaken
    Great app but I’m giving it 3 stars because every time I click on a fanbase link it takes me to the app and it says processing and it stays like that. I even waited 30 min. One time and nothing was happening please help, thanks
  • Private Group with my fam

    By sincerely xxx
    like it🌚
  • Misunderstood

    By ken67557
    How y’all going to kick me out of a group chat just bc I sent one gif like y’all the ones that created it and now I get kicked out for something y’all created that’s not fair like seriously
  • App is used by scammers

    By Bon Bon weasels Big E
    This app is 100% used by scammers, moderators should not have the ability to block paying viewers. Fambase could care less about it either.
  • Not good.

    By Luvr.
    Went to deposit my earnings and they never went into my paypal/bank account. This app is taking people’s money.
  • Links redirect to App Store

    By justjasonlaw
    Links are not opening app instead link directly to App Store
  • Links try to open thru App Store

    By monya49657362
    Ever since your latest update whenever I try to join a group thru a link it tries to open the app thru the App Store. Which of course doesn’t work so I can’t add any new groups. WTH?