By Paragon Business Solutions LTD


DigiValet5 - The touchscreen genie is an In-Room Solution which using the DigiValet In-Room Controller can facilitate the following for you + Lighting Automation : * Integration with Popular Lighting Automation Systems * Two Way Communication for Status display + Climate Control: FCU Speed, Temperature + Television : * Easy to use Remote * Touch icon and go straight to your favorite channel * Channel up - down, Volume... + On-Demand - Movies : * Browse the movie catalog by just sliding your finger over the handy touchscreen * Search favorite movie by Actor, Director, genre, or producer + On-Demand - Songs : * Slide through the entire collection * Search using actors, singer, composer, director, genre * Choose your favorite songs by just clicking over the touchscreen * Create your customized playlist * Enjoy your favorite music away from home + Room Service : * Browse through the food menu * See pictures, read the detailed description * Watch “the making” * Order at your pace + Internet : * Use TV as your internet monitor * Enjoy internet tucked in your cozy bed * Worlds most convenient Mouse & Kbd + Billing: Check bill status anytime + Security : Video EyeHole, Door Strike + Curtains : Electric Curtain Open / Close + In-Room Shopping + e-NewsPaper