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Chopra Meditation & Well-Being

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Sleep better, relieve stress, and find purpose with Chopra - your total guide to well-being. Take the next step on your journey with a new set of tools for integrated and holistic self-care. You may have heard of us, or our founder, Deepak Chopra. For 20 years, we've been empowering millions of people to balance their bodies, revive their minds, and activate their spirits. Now, for the first time, you can easily access our expert knowledge in one easy to use app. Whether you’re new to meditation and mindfulness, or you're an advanced practitioner, find your peace on a path that suits you. Relax with our best meditations, self-care tools, tips, and practices for your well-being based on our unique wisdom and scientific research. With an extensive library of knowledge for your mind, body, and spirit, plus new meditations posted daily, Chopra is specially designed to help you discover your best you. Transform your health & well-being by: * Learning how to meditate * Finding immediate relief from daily stressors * Discovering your unique you - mind, body & spirit * Going deeper on your journey to self-discovery and purpose Uncover a range of popular topics including: * Better Sleep * Stress & Anxiety Relief * Peace & Calm * Confidence, Purpose & Success * Health, Weight & Increased Energy * Relationships & Connection * Creativity & Consciousness * Personal & Spiritual Growth Chopra's complete guide to mind, body and spirit comes with: * Nearly 500 meditations and practices representing our best tools * A variety of well-being experts to guide your experience * 5, 10, 20 and 30-minute sessions to suit your needs wherever you are * Our most popular 21 Day Meditation Challenges * Personalized content focused on parenting, students, leaders, workplace and relationships * Daily new content * Monthly new programs and collections * Personalized tracking to help you build your practice - with even more customized content to come! We believe everyone is entitled to a healthy and joyful life. Download Chopra and enhance your journey to integrated well-being. Access your guide to well-being for free, with a selection of our signature programs, or unlock the full range of Chopra content for $69.99 annually, that’s just $0.19 a day. Chopra saves your meditation sessions to your Apple Health app. Read the terms and conditions here: Read the privacy policy here:



  • Hassle getting downloaded

    By barracuda1
    Each time I have purchased a new series there is difficulty downloading it. Seems way more convoluted than it needs to be. I still haven’t been able to download a new series and their helpdesk is not answering my queries. Poor management.
  • My purchases disappear from the app! Really annoying.

    By kbkb9876
    The app is just ok, kinda faulty. For the second time in three months, I’m writing into Chopra support to get access to the meditations I’ve purchased over the previous years. First time support gave me an answer, and I was able to find the meditation series I Purchased. Again today, I can’t find them anywhere on the app. Is this something having to do with app upgrades, modifications, that my purchases get deleted somehow off the app?
  • Unknown Error

    By littledove
    I was really getting into it and got locked out after trial, then subscribed, then still unable to access. Not cool! Ruined flow and now I’m angry and abandoned! Thanks a million! Please cancel and refund to me the $69.99!
  • Thank you

    By maimie86912
    I am recovering from a major breakdown. I appreciate the peace you have allowed me. Thank you Deborah
  • Dynamism

    By Grateful Boston
    Brilliant. May all of us find a way to tap into these energies everyday. Thank you.
  • Lost Love

    By Mama Loves All
    Thank You. Love the Chopra meditations💕 I have been a life long follower. Love the dailies. Noticed recently my favorites have vanished. Now there is a history, but cannot access.
  • Life’s Lessons

    By Genuinely Appreciate
    Deepak Chopra is a wise wonderful soul. I believe in the evolution of consciousness and everyday I listen to his meditations it gives me peace and hope. This is my path I want to follow. Namaste Genuinely appreciate
  • Worst customer service ever

    By took my $$, no delivery
    Purchased a 21 day meditation. Rec’d receipt and email confirmation. Only day 1 of 21 day is accessible and it says I need to pay 69.99 for the rest. I’ve emailed customer service 4 times without so much as an automated response. I’ve purchased several meditations from here before and I’m so sad this is happening. I actually like the product, but not the customer service.
  • Worth every penny

    By Connie Trowbridge
    By following the 21 Day Challenges in the app, I have been able to recommit and strengthen my meditation practice. Thanks to this app, I FEEL so much better about my every day life, and excited about the future. It’s a great app for anyone on any level of meditation.
  • False advertising

    By JRynne
    Free offer for 21 day meditation with Oprah and Deepak was misleading. After 7 days you have to sign up for 7 free days then subscribe for $69 to continue out the full 21 day course. Disappointing since it was a halfway decent program. Just would have appreciated honesty upfront.