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  • 3D match

    By Pup517
    Very fun! Would recommend
  • Rigged

    By iputmyhamsterinatoaster
    When you get to your last few pair, they stick and you can’t move them. If you don’t want us to play for free, then don’t offer it for free. Waste of my time. You might get some people to pay by doing that, but not this chick.
  • Ads

    By VenishaRaquel
    Too many ads. No ad version is too expensive
  • Really wanted to like this game

    By Kavavaledos
    It’s challenging which is great. What is NOT great is trying to complete the game and constantly getting interrupted by ads! At least wait until the game is completed to bombard the user with an ad. Don’t bother unless you have the patience of Job.
  • Too many interruptions

    By lollyfidy65
    I’m fine with ads inbetween game levels, but having two or three ads interrupting each level, as you’re trying to concentrate on matches, is absolutely ridiculous! This game isn’t worth downloading.
  • ads

    By Sruh1
    I enjoy the game but I had 6 ads by the time I got to level 4. the annoying amount of ads isn’t going to make me purchase the no ads, it just makes me stop playing. I understand the need for ads especially on a free game, but 6 in 3 levels is ridiculous
  • Not as good as before

    By Z'sGranny
    I have been playing for a few months. The game got “stuck” on an ad and I could not get to revert to the fame. So, I deleted t he e app and reloaded it. Now all I get is commercials. What a waste
  • Mah...

    By Sorry that I bought it !!!
    Too many freezes , stealing time!
  • Freaking Addictive!!

    By Lauraannemarie
    I don’t usually like playing games on my iphone but this one, for some reason, I just can’t stop playing. I didn’t think I’d like it but figured I’d download it and try it out because it was just plain visually pleasing, and now that I have it, I’m definitely not deleting and it’s probably going onto the first icon page of my Home Screen. Great game :)
  • Too many ads!

    By mdhxusinfdoelnw
    The game is great, but in the middle of timed rounds, an ad will start. This is very frustrating. I don’t mind ads between attempts but having them in the middle is too much.