CE5 Contact

CE5 Contact

By Sirius Technology Advanced Research

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CE5 Contact provides instructions and tools to assist you in making peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations as well as locating others in your area who are interested in making contact. The CE5 protocols were developed by Dr. Steven Greer, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. Dr. Greer’s relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO/ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world. App features: Official training materials developed by Dr. Greer CE5 Guide, which provides an overview of all topics surrounding CE5 CE5 Process, which walks users step-by-step through all aspects of initiating CE5 Built-in networking functionality for finding and messaging others interested in CE5 Comprehensive equipment list Extensive library with video, images, audio samples, and meditations Notes: For active use of the app outdoors during CE5 work where connectivity may be limited, version 1.5 and later includes offline mode for the CE5 Process section as well as local storage of previously visited pages or played/downloaded content. Certain sections of the app require an active internet connection, including user sign-up / profile editing, networking, and messaging. CE5 Contact replaces the older “ET Contact” app. You may continue to use the older app but new features and updates (including networking, new meditations, sounds, examples, etc.) will be added to CE5 Contact app only.



  • Network portion rarely works

    By antied77
    I’ve had this app for almost a year and the network portion has worked maybe 20% of the time. The other 80% I get an infinite spinning blue circle.
  • Let the people make contact, not the military

    By SpencerBoatman
    It’s an extraordinary time to connect with our off world, galactic brothers in peace and harmony and this app allows that contact to be done. No longer is the deep state, industrial-military complex controlling how we think of our off world selves, WE are empowered to go forth with peace, with love and with light✊
  • Does not complete registration

    By Thunder Woods
    When you register via the app for local connections it is supposed to send an email to verify your information before it allows you to sign in for the first time. However, I never received a verification email and now that my email has been used in the registration process it will not allow me to register with another user name. Unfortunately, the only app support appears to be a link to the main CE5 page. There is nothing on any of those pages that provide app help or support. I was very excited to get this app fired up, but am now very disappointed both in the fact that I cannot register and that there appears to be no help or recourse to get my money back.
  • Unimpressed

    By BodhiKarma
    Have the app on my iPad as well as my iphone. It doesn't work. Going through the contact portion of it, the tones and meditation won't play on either device. I can click the arrow to play and it brings up the time of track as though it is going to play but does nothing. Neither track plays on either device. How do you charge money for an app that does nothing?
  • Structure of the Universe Meditation is glitched

    Hey! Love the app! It at helped my wife and I assemble a local CE5 group with its contact feature. However, the wonderful STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE meditation is glitched now, and won’t play. Please fix it! It’s our favorite guided meditation, and what our group has been using to get coherent together before CE5 events.
  • Grateful

    By DeBourne
    I find it wonderful that Dr Greer made these protocols available to anyone to utilize. I’m ok that the small fee allows Dr Greer and his team to continue their work contacting conscious beings as well as continue their message of unity in consciousness and the power we can all access to create positive outcomes among ourselves and our fellow truth seekers in all consciousness and all dimensions .
  • Y know Up load or attach ? Messages n the like

    By Mikeydingo
    From 1 out of 12 messages reply so far may be team of hopeful two... Like there is so much better stuff to do then? Too busy and how much vacation you taking? I’ll fess up now, hitchhikers guide to Pluto, a chapter before the freeway comes, and Hope the beautiful nice lady driving wants to be in the shot smile ok everybody
  • if I like to meditate.

    By Zinsk
    It is very good since you feel that you meet your other self, it is excellent. But I want to give a suggestion, they should also have the application in Spanish and other languages, since that way there would be more users who would buy the app.
  • i dont trust this app

    By Steven Estrada
    i was hoping this may phone home to e.t. not analytics to big brother. even just to listen to the meditation music needs internet.
  • Offline mode

    By 1126000119
    It would be a great app if I could take it into a field with no cell signal and use all the audio features. I wouldn’t mind it taking up several gigabytes. Until then I’ll just have to rip off these recordings and play them manually.