Alive by Whitney Simmons

Alive by Whitney Simmons

By Whitney Simmons App, LLC

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It’s a beautiful day to be Alive! Alive is a fitness and wellness app by Whitney Simmons. Whitney has shared her personal fitness journey and workouts for many years and has now designed programming to help women with their journeys. Whitney has a passion for empowering women to shape the best versions of themselves mentally and physically. This app does just that with programs and daily workouts curated to challenge and push you to your limits, to help you get into the best shape of your life and reach your fitness goals. Alive was planned and designed to be as simple as possible and easy to use. Focusing specifically on the workout experience so you have confidence during your workouts. We are excited to continue improving and evolving the app with our Alive community in the process. Features Programs Alive includes 5 different programs to choose from based on your personal goals. When you join a program you are guided through a full schedule of workouts that span over several weeks. This takes any guesswork out and keeps you focused on your goals. Daily Workouts Alive includes plenty of daily workouts that are split up into different categories (HiiT, Abs, Pull, etc) so you can decide what type of workout you want to do. Journey The path to a fit, healthy life is a journey, not an overnight process. The journey allows you to keep track of your progress by weight, photos, and a timeline of progress. Alive also has the capability of syncing your active minutes and weight data with Apple Health. Consistency is key so as you continually hit your goals the app will reward you with achievements along the way! Subscriptions / Alive Premium Alive is free to download and offers two Premium subscription options, Monthly and Annually. Both options include a 7-day trial. Alive Premium provides full access to the app including all programs and daily workouts. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You may manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the purchase. After purchase, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. By downloading and subscribing to Alive Premium, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.



  • this will give you the progress you wanna see while still feeling good after every workout

    By brit022599
    If you need a sign, this is your sign to get THIS workout app, it’s doable and I am actually able to complete the workouts from start to finish. So, I usually don’t even use apps that require you to sign up for a subscription, even if there’s a free trial, bc I wanna see what the content is first. But I had just tried using another app that just wasn’t beginner enough, and later that day I stumbled across Whitney’s Instagram, so I looked at everyone’s progress and I was like I have to give this one a try, and at that point I figured nothing could make me feel worse than the previous one. And omg! I LOVE it, it’s actually successful for beginners who need to loose a lot of weight! I’m just coming back from an 8 month long back injury so I’m super super out of shape, and I love the exercises, they are just enough to get you working but they don’t kill you on the first circuit when you’re realizing you still have 2 more to go. I love it, try it and I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • Love the functionality, but could use more plan options

    By MochaChocaLocaa
    I really like how the workouts moves are on a loop and make it easy to follow. I also like how I can change my screen settings to make it more conducive for a smooth workout. I think it would be great if an additional workout program could be made for super busy folks who are looking for an efficient 2/week or 3/week workout plan under 30mins per day. Perhaps a leg day, upper day and a full body day? Or two full body days? That would be SO amazing!! Overall, loving the app so far. Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into making this! It truly shows 💓
  • I love this app so much!

    By DMarh95
    I’ve restarted my weight loss journey! With the help of this app I have lost 22 pounds and I feel amazing so far! I did not want to do the same old exercises I always do, then I found Whitney’s Alive app!! Super easy to follow and keeps you accountable!!
  • Love it mostly!

    By ilovefollowers274830274
    Overall I love the app and applaud Whitney on making such a difference in so many people's lives! It has really motivated me to workout and stay in track unlike any other program. However, I agree with other reviews saying there should be a few second between switching sides of an exercise. Also, the videos of the exercises sometimes don't load.
  • .

    By Seas1333
    The app not loading properly is getting ridiculous
  • The app that made me love working out

    By SushiCal
    Im so happy i found this app. I love working out now
  • Okay. Okay.

    By Susanreynoldy
    I’ve used the app off and on for the past year (have to make sacrifices on subscriptions every now and then) but I recently started it back up and i leave every workout feeling accomplished! Love that there are so so many different programs and options to try out. My only suggestions or requests would be that in the future there is a tab that explains each exercise and what muscle it’s working! This would be beneficial for my learning process in weight lifting. The other would be a guide on cardio and running. I would love to run but have a lot of difficulty with my breath and I crash quickly. Thank you Whitney and your team for creating such a HOT FIRE FLAMES app. So excited to keep using it!
  • Cool app but needs some improvement

    By jess c 2021
    Great UI/UX but feel like some of the workouts are pretty repetitive within a program. Please make more of an effort to diversify! I’m getting bored easily.
  • Amazing app and great customer service!

    By glazenam
    This app has been life changing for my fitness journey. I’ve been weight lifting for a few years now and before covid hit, I had felt like I fell out of love with it and wasn’t sure how to get my love back. Then my sister and I started using this app. First at home because gyms were closed and it was challenging yet didn’t require a lot of equipment. Now we are back in the gym and I look forward to our morning workouts everyday and really feel like I’m gaining knowledge, muscle and challenging myself. Their customer service is amazing too! They get back to you fast and are so sweet! I love the follow along videos, the ability to change things around if needed and record what your lifting. It’s a 10/10 for me! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Great so far

    By Anonymous Jesus
    Im still new to the app. I decided to try alive 2.0. Its great to have a program to stick to and follow along that was curated from a social media fitness person i am familiar with and trust that they put their all into the programs. I tend to overwhelm myself with trying to figure out what i should be doing at the gym and end up being all over the place instead of sticking to a plan and then getting discouraged.. so now with sticking to this that weight had been lifted. Im on week 2 & its been challenging but in the best way. Wish it incorporated abs and core more but i do like that there are also the separate workouts that you can do instead of a whole program so i think i will add that on my own once im a a couple weeks further into the plan. I would like if along with each workout there would be tips on better form or how to achieve optimal results (ex: powering through it fast, or going slow and steady, or holding each rep a cpl seconds, etc..), modifiers or alternate workouts if equipment isnt available.. & possibly show the main muscle groups targeted with each specific workout, but these are minor things & the app is already awesome without those suggestions but i think it would just add to the awesomeness. I really want to stay committed and get through the 10 week program. I will update with how i feel once ive completed it!