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Join with your partners in the best and fantasy RPG now! Gather your avengers and lead them to fight the darkness for the future. Which heroes will you choose? · AFK&IDLE SYSTEM Level-up when you’re AFK, reap the rewards when you get back. Idle anytime, battle anywhere! Just take a break from working and studying. · STRATEGIC BATTLE Plan your own offensive and defensive strategy with hundreds of hero combinations. Summon your heroes, upgrade their equipment, develop their skills, strengthen your team! · A MASS OF MAGIC ADVENTURE There’re various instances in this magic arena. Choose your marvelous adventure in this role playing game. Either battling for glory in the global arena, exploring hidden treasures throughout the mysterious maze in Space Discovery, or even hunting Galaxy Wanted wandering in the space! · CROSS-SERVER WARS Play with more than 1 million players across the planet! Compete with players all over the world and determine who shall lead the future world to fight back darkness in this war!



  • Most blatant p2w game out

    By Runnerpavel
    If you want to be remotely competitive in this game, be prepared to spend a lot of money. This game requires no skill or strategy, only a credit card with fat limit. To max out each hero upon release, be prepared to spend about $500. Each event will cost you $250+ if you want to get decent prizes. God/universe faction heroes will cost you about $2,000 each to max out. A lot of equipment is only available for purchase with real money. If you want to move through contents at a decent rate, be prepared to drop $10k+.
  • Scam Alert!! This game will steal your money

    By XHerosux
    I have been playing this game for about a year and invested quite a bit of money into it. I log on and decide that I want to switch servers and select that option. Well I had no idea or notification that doing so would reset me back to level 0. Service is non existent in trying to resolve my issue. I am going down the path of requesting refunds from the game store. Hope that works..downloaded of this game beware!!
  • fun and expensive….

    By Dr Purple
    i love it so much i hope to get back i my level 151 account vip 11. it takes time and strategy and has great art and animation. My phone was lost today. i hope to recover my old account. would appreciate help. Also, whatsapp doesn’t download for me so I haven’t been able to do that part. is this new to app store?
  • Acciones no amistosas

    By L.Conde
    Quieren obligarte a recibir recompensas que no solicitas dentro del juego para no realizar reembolsos de compras duplicadas y de hacerlo mediante app store te quitan el acceso a tu cuenta y a las inversiones previamente realizadas dentro del juego. Realice esta reseña nuevamente ya que la anterior la eliminaron. Desepcinante.
  • Great Sage is here!😍

    By Jonah7676
    Great Sage was in the game and he’s a S+ hero. I was so surprised when that happened.🤩🤩🤩
  • Actually kind of fun

    By Kyle1736
    So I just wanted to save the d*** dog from the F***** bees and got a completely new game as part of the package. I got hooked. I’ve played 127 days straight now.
  • Horrible customer service.

    By Mcswaggeemoneynympho
    So I’ve spent hundreds on this game and I can because I make a decent living. I didn’t mean to purchase one item in the game for $20 and requested a refund. When I tried to log in to play they locked me out of the app. I talked to customer service and told them the purchase was an accident and to take back what I purchased. They refused and said I had to pay them and then told me that I only had a certain amount of time to pay them or they would delete my profile. So forget all the money I have spent and my subscription or could potentially spend. They refuse to budge on any type of refund, accident or not. If I were you I would never spend a penny on this app or even download it. The only reason I purchased is because the in game play is slow and the only real way to get to a higher level at an even pace is to buy in app. Go stick to PUBG or something. At least they are more understanding and willing to work with you.
  • Brettl

    By Brreett
    Love the game. Very fun. But past few days app been crashing a lot. Not kool
  • Again

    By pipeliner12
    The game is still crashing
  • “Bug fixes”

    By Keep-it-Kauai-it
    Game doesn’t even open after the most recent update.