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  • Weapons

    By Kool beans😂
    I keep getting killed by teachers because either I robbed them or there jealous T^T
  • Yes queen

    By Ashlynynuntnsn
    Keep updating this app queen slayyyy here’s an idea maybe to be able to put stuff in locker?
  • Your a freaking idiot

    By MAV2270
    1 The button for more characters won’t work. Fix it. 2 you need to add weapons IF PEOPLE ARE FREAKING SCREAMING AT YOU TO FIX IT, THEN YOU NEED TO DO YOUR JOB LIKE ANY NORMAL HUMAN BEING
  • Need weapons

    By galexy star123
    I like this game but add weapons it makes the games more fun and and nobody wants to do none in a game. why does everyone have to use the restroom when u go to the school also when u sit down make sure for them to have work during class because nobody sits and does nothing in school have work to do in school and homework to after school so then it could also be more fun but most of all keep up doing the good work 👍🏽👍🏽
  • What?!

    By Me_go
    Are you freakin kidding me?! I was so excited when I see this game! When I change my avatar and played it! It freakin showed an ad! I mean it used to show ads in different games but not too much! This freakin game showed me 5 ads and I never get to play it! This is a waste of time! And also! The controls are very glitchy! Whenever I’m hungry and got my food... Idk how to eat it! It never says like eat food or something...! And my character is slow! I want her to be fast but! Idk! It’s just that it doesn’t even work! Btw please fixed this stupid game! And fixed the controls and character speed! Thank you!
  • Where are the weapons and other characters?!?!

    By Potato Uwu
    Ok so I founded out that you made another game and I got super excited for that! I downloaded the game and started playing. there was like extra stuff, clothes, hair, like almost everything except for the extra characters, where are they? I’m kinda disappointed but I thought the game would be more exciting. When I started playing there were a lot of students pretty cool but I couldn’t find the weapons!!! I’m so upset, it would be easier with weapons and not just with a car. Is it because I’m on iPhone? If it is, then can you please update it and fix it I really want the extra characters and all the weapons (and more clothes if you want) this is why I’m giving it two stars I hope you understand! Still love your game! <3
  • Fix the game

    Hi I am a player of this game and I have a few problems about it 1. For some reason it won’t allow me to change my avatar 2. It won’t let me add the blood affect 3. I don’t see any weapons
  • Can you add food please?

    By cbcfj
    I saw my player hunger so I go to the cafeteria and I saw nothing not even drinks so please add that? Btw this game is God’s you can kill people you can dress as a boy,girl2 or naoko/Sakura this game is great but it need more items sorry if I woke you up to early
  • Why don’t the students go home??

    By Haru michida
    This is a good game but why don’t the students go home? Maybe you can make them go home at 18:00? Or maybe 15:00?.Also can you please add a Restaurant? And also the cam moves very slow so I can’t see were the other people are going. Can you please make the cam faster? Thanks that’s all I would like in the game for now.
  • Nice game but..

    By Mokagamer
    Can you please add some weapons because when I tap on the B button nothing happens.I know it says beta version so please don’t take this review too seriously.