JFK Moonshot

JFK Moonshot

By John F. Kennedy Library Foundation

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Using the latest in augmented reality technology, we immerse users into 1969 with a full-scale recreation of the Saturn V rocket and a 5-day real-time tracking simulation of the mission and moon landing. Users can take a deeper dive into President Kennedy’s vision with interactive AR games, archival NASA footage and educational multimedia experiences.



  • Now this is what AR should be about!

    By mcrichard
    I was born on the 10th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon so this really special to me.
  • American Moonshot—Take my kids to the stars—priceless

    By JJ Prospect Street
    Technology that truly creates a a transformative experience with something never done before—NASA 1961 and JFK choosing to go to the moon not because it would be easy but because it would be hard and summon the best of our energies and efforts—this is what I want my kids to know through education and immersive experiences. The original astronauts went to the Moon and discovered a new perspective on Earth. I think we need an app like this to help lift us again—all the better by including the history and stories of JFK And NASA getting us there...which led to the GPS and camera phones in everyone’s hands today with this app. My girls loved it. Can’t wait for the full launch July 16th.
  • This is awesome!!

    By Mfawnway
    AR -a rocket in your living room -Instantly!! So cool, historic too.
  • Back in time!

    By robertguay
    This is a very cool use of augmented reality to see the Saturn V launch. Can’t wait for July 16!
  • Very good

    By a pleased app tester
    This game is pretty awesome! I thoroughly enjoy launching rockets to the moon, along with the learning opportunities that this application provides about JFK. Nicely done! 👍🏻
  • Rocket Launch!

    By Wubbt
    Interesting even if I wasn’t at the museum.