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Cell Phone Tracker + by number

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The app will quickly show the location of any friend by SMS request. Even those who have not installed this application! - Has It ever happened that you need to meet someone, and the person with whom you meet, really can not explain where he is? - No longer need long clarifications, just send him an SMS from the app and after confirmation, you will instantly see him on the map in your smartphone. Install Find US For FREE and you will be able to: • find location of any person even if they doesn't have this app • get notifications when your friends will share his location • get directions to your friends The accuracy of coordinates whilst searching for devices using phone number or email depends on the availability of built-in GPS/GSM/WiFi modules on the targeted devices. In the case that there is no GPS, the coordinates are detected according to the data of cellular networks, with the accuracy ranging from 100 to 1000m. If there is no GPS and GSM, then the coordinates are detected via IP address. This function works by sending a unique message - that the app generates - to the phone number supplied which contains the location. The message should be opened every time when you want to update location . Solicited access: - to contacts - to generate SMS for requesting friend's location - to geo-position - to see friend's location - to push notifications - to get notifications when your friend will share his location to you. Find US has the following subscriptions: Weekly Access to all features - $4.99/week Weekly Access to all features - $8.99/month With full access, you will be able to locate any count of persons using a cell phone via SMS and also access 24/7 support. Weekly access subscriptions come with a free 3 day trial. When the trial expires, the subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or yearly basis. You will receive your first charge 3 days after starting your trial. The subscription costs will be charged from your score, linked through an iTunes account. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at regular intervals, according to what you selected, if you do not cancel it earlier than 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to unsubscribe after you have purchase it. Subscription changes are available in the Settings of your iTunes account after purchase. Get acquainted to the Terms of Use you can on the link below: https://4ind.us/terms.html



  • Amazing customer service and support 😊

    By Freddie Ghini
    This is a very good product!I have been able to check everything typed on the desired phone and tell if the person is being honest about something or not and it shows which app the keys were used on and the time it happened.I have been able to check pictures,messages,incoming and outgoing pbone calls with times and durations.The tech and sales team have been very helpful to me and helped me with a password issue when I first logged on I had forgotten the password I typed.I would say the location tracking is very accurate and I have been able to see exact location for the most part and everything seems to be working as it should. I know exactly where it hurts, I know how much pain you feel every day to feel cheated by the one you love, I've been there before and it's never a good thing. I was so sure initially, because I didn't have any concrete proof or evidence to interrogate her about my recent observations, but all gratitude to the referral I saw online and I don't regret making contact with the highly skilled personnel I would recommend this to anyone needing to know the truth and keep tabs and just to know what you cannot know without being where you cannot be because this will put you right in the middle of where you cannot be and see how someone really is when you are not there!!!!I would encourage you to elitehaxforce at gmail..m quick so you dont have to wonder or worry anymore!!I was able to get me the type of monitoring I was looking for on my phone. Everything from SMS and even a keylogger which was a pleasant surprise. The feature I find most useful would have to be the GPS, I frequently misplace my phone so now I always know where my device is. So far I haven't had any major issues and it has kept pace with the constant phone updates. (Although you have to reinstall after each one.) Bottomline is I have peace of mind knowing that there is no illicit activity on my device. Tech support was quick and helpful when I first set it up. They were very patient taking me through each step and answering my questions. I tried other app and found it wanting by comparison If you are thinking about going with elitehaxforce then you are making the right choice.
  • One word for this service? PHENOMENAL!

    By .papad1s.
    A good app, this one. It has all the necessary features and it’s useful to track my family’s location. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really satisfied with its features as I have learnt that you cannot control a person’s faithfulness. Being entirely good to them doesn’t automatically translate to being treated the same way. I was married to my ex for four years with a daughter and i had no idea she was cheating. The immense love I had for her overshadowed signs and signals that she was being unfaithful. It all started when I observed certain changes in behavior and the way she held her phone so closely. I had to speak with a colleague at work who recommended Jack, a ‘top of the line’ private investigator. I immediately wrote to him at AcehackingHQ @ gmail com and explained my plight in details. I provided the necessary information that he requested and we agreed on a fee. Not later than 2 hours, he gained access to my ex call history, her deleted texts, emails, gps location and social media apps. It seemed as though my life was spinning out control when I found out she had someone else. I felt used but satisfied that I finally found out the truth. I could not bear the secrecy so I filed for a divorce. I’m really thankful to Jack for helping me out of my situation. If you ever find yourself in such quagmire, I recommend that you write to him.
  • I love ❤️ this app

    By Gracescott80247
    No matter how good you are to them it doesn’t mean that they will treat you the same way. I have been married to my wife for years with no idea she was cheating. Suddenly i started noticing changes in behavior, i suspected something was wrong. So i confided in a friend who convinced and introduced me to techboy!!He was able to hack into my wife mobile phone, Text messages, Call logs, IG, browser history, deleted messages, Emails and WhatsApp . It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out she has someone else. I filed for a divorce just could not continue with lies. If you feel you are been exploited in your marriage and you need proof. I suggest you contact(hackslord1@gmailcom) for your spy and hacking job and be free, just like me today.
  • Not what I thought.

    By PrincessPhizz
    I expected the app to show the location of a phone. But it sends the phone a text and the person then has to respond that they want to share their location. If I wanted them to know I was looking for them, I’d just use google maps and share location for free.
  • Хрень

    By Мирославаком котт
    Ужастное приложение, всё платоно

    By sophia12346790
    Please help me cancel. I don’t want this subscription
  • False advertising

    By keydra82
    You still need a persons permission to track them. The reviews were untrue
  • чо

    By lolipop17261
    пишите по русски чурки, мне лень переводить ваши отзывы 😭😭😭😭😭
  • Queja

    By elyoper
    Ya basta de estarme robando de mi cuenta necesito ver cuando yo autorize que se hicieran pagos automático de mi cuenta si no me responden contactaré a un abogado
  • Very good

    By FhasureAerle7332
    I think they should work on how you have to send a link before you get the location. I was hoping it will just be that you search the number and then you get the location. Buh anyways it's a good app