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  • Ok, first of all

    By erin_jager9090
    When I want to change or delete my keyboard, it said I have to be a vip member to do that, and when I try to use it, I doesn’t let me. I hope this company understands there mistakes and deletes this app, worst app ever
  • Avatar Keyboard

    By Lila Eve
    I personally don’t like this app because I don’t think that you should have to pay for using other accessories and filters in the game.

    By Joesaphagus
    A few months ago my sister downloaded this app by accident and she deleted it right away, but since this device had our credit card on it this app kept charging us and it’s way too expensive so please don’t download I’m not trying to hate just trying to inform.
  • Money stealing

    By anonymous BTS fan
    I didn’t even sign up for the app and deleted it right away but it’s charging me almost $9 every week I DID NOT EVEN SUBSCRIBE!! My mom and I are trying so hard to get rid of the charges because it’s expensive for us (also $9 is really expensive for an app like this)
  • Rip off artists

    By alpocko
    My son accidentally installed this app and deleted it right away not realizing that it signed you up for a weekly subscription. 6 months later this app racked up $220 in charges to my account. These companies prey on people that might not notice a 7.99 apple iTunes charge especially when there are multiple subscriptions attached to an account. Only after a 30 min call with apple tech support were we able to get to the bottom of it. I would give this app 0 stars if possible. 🖕🏼🖕🏼
  • Its ok

    By I love puppies five
    ioki love ot mostly but I wanted something to cang my pass code
  • Really!!😡

    By elllemr
    Why when I try to play it makes me buy a member ship for that. That is ridiculous omg I hate this game i don’t recommend this game one bit
  • You have to a vip

    By jemaborneo
    So when I won’t to change me background it says you have to be a VIP!
  • No way to much money not worth it

    By GNP15
    As soon as you get on to the app it brings you to a subscription per week for 7.99. Do the math in 30 days you pay $239.7. Witch is a lot for 30 day for just a app. Do the math for a year now that is excessive for a app. And most games have a free trial not this one. Do not except it is not even that good. I mean come on it’s a app I get you pay 1 or 2 dollars for something special but no just the whole app is $7.99 and it is junk.
  • I just don't get it...

    By woofBork piano
    this is like my math class I know for one second and get lost the second this IA not much of a good app. It is like they just want money it is annoying how many times it trys to make me bye the membership. I am just trying to so something cool but Its like it won't let me. from a random person.