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    By Gekyume Onfroy
    This is my favorite mobile game ever, but a new update came out a couple days ago and i still have not gotten it. I really want to keep going with my mystical island or whatever, but I’m maxed out.
  • Love it!

    By Janie2013
    This game is sure addicting! I just wish the expanded land where you merge animals would get updated! I’m on the max level (31) and I don’t want to make any more merges and miss out on the exp!
  • Sisyphean Ordeal

    By cmpoundluck
    By no meaningful definition of the word can EverMerge be called a “game.” Key components of games are rules, challenge, and goals such as a discrete finality. I call on Apple to delist it from the App Store, at least until a more honest description is proposed. At its core, EverMerge is really just something to look at, an effectively endless catalog of pixels, designed on a transposable and utter vapid backend, low quality images to flick through while you wait for something to happen to you. In order to monetize engagement, its developers have created nothing more than an exercise in maximizing sedentary behavior. The social harms of this recklessness cannot be understated. With some apps, at a minimum you become the product. With the banality of EverMerge, you are rendered essentially devoid of your even most basic humanity. I do not believe there is any role of any import in society for such insipid evil and degradation, nay abject denial, of even our most basic human instincts. To call it a Sisyphean Ordeal is charitable: in the classic Greek myth at least Sisyphus contributed fire to humanity.
  • Travel Game

    By Boo0218
    It’s getting really frustrating waiting on the animal travel game. Why is it so hard to get get some of the animals? I have been waiting for a few weeks now for the update and still nothing. Also when I finished the golden ram why didn’t I get the largest one like all the mini games before?? Also, it keeps telling that I have discovered a new item but when I go check, NOTHING!! I’m about ready to just delete the game. I really do enjoy it but getting tired of waiting.
  • Great game but needs adjusted

    By Mfiaprncss
    Super fun game but takes too long to build things so you start to lose interest. Not enough builders, also should be able to zoom out farther to get to different parts of the board quicker.
  • Was fun until

    By C R M
    I enjoyed the game until I made the castles and it would not let me go to next level without Peter Pan. The flute things are hard to get. For over a week I get onto the game use up coins to get one then maybe get two. Takes too long, couple more days and I will delete and move on.
  • Fun game needs some improvement

    By 80skitty
    Love this game but it needs to cut down the ridiculous wand count to open areas. I get they are probably trying to slow people down from blowing through the game, but better ways exist. Also during time where a lot of people have no jobs or tight budgets it would be nice to have little more energy to play longer without buying or having to put device down to wait for regeneration. I find this Also roll out update for everyone at same time. I am iOS and everyone in Easter egg hunt treasure event levels say they got VIP and I didn’t see that update. Just finding eggs. Overalll love it but now becoming little less enamored with it.
  • Glitchy bad customer service

    By EskieMom157
    So I’ve played the game fo awhile. In the last month, the gam crashes and you have to redo your progress. The discovery light has been flashing for about a month. Now they released an android update, but not iOS. Others get more land for animal island. Others got gold ticket for extra rewards for this event. Finished the event and can’t get the extra bonus from gold ticket. Sent multiple help tickets as well as post on response from them. Guess they expect I will go away....I will but I will leave my two sense here first. It would be nice if they’d at least acknowledge a help ticket.
  • Great Game

    By clodbloodwolf4387
    I’d definitely recommend this app 5 stars ⭐️ it’s amazing and I’m absolutely am addicted to this game!! Between Happy color and EverMerge I’d choose EverMerge... yeah definitely EverMerge! I love this game and I’d like to thank the creators for making this wonderful game I play for at least a 13 hours!! EverMerge Rocks!!
  • Progress disappeared

    By makxnbdjsjs
    I’ve been on this game for months and it suddenly took me back to level 1. I an beyond livid