Carbon - Smart Diet Coach

Carbon - Smart Diet Coach

By Reform LLC

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2020-04-21
  • Current Version: 1.0.32
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Reform LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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Carbon Diet Coach is your solution for results that LAST. Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, improve your metabolism, or simply maintain your weight, Carbon Diet Coach removes the guesswork. Carbon Diet Coach is a science-based nutrition app designed by renowned nutrition coaches Dr. Layne Norton (Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences), Holly Baxter (MS Dietetics), and Registered Dietitian Keith Kraker (BS Dietetics). It does everything a normal nutrition coach would but at a fraction of the cost. Simply select your goal, answer a few short questions, and it does the rest! You will get a customized nutrition plan based on YOUR goals and metabolism. What's more, Carbon will adjust the plan as you progress to optimize your results. If you hit a plateau or stall, Carbon will make adjustments to keep you progressing towards your goal, just like any good coach would. Our coaching system uses the latest techniques in nutrition science to make sure you get the best results possible. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: ∙ Log your food using the built-in food tracker ∙ Log your body weight ∙ Check-in each week Do that and Carbon does the rest! Carbon Diet Coach can do things other nutrition coaching apps can’t do. For example, your nutrition plan can be tailored to your diet preference: ∙ Balanced ∙ Low Carb ∙ Low Fat ∙ Ketogenic ∙ Plant-Based Each setting is completely customizable so that you receive a plan that is sustainable for YOU! Another feature that makes Carbon unique is the diet planner. Want high and low-calorie days rather than eating the same foods every day? Use the diet planner to set up your week and stay on track. Overate on one day and not sure what to do with your nutrition plan for the rest of the week? Adjust the diet planner to account for what you overate and Carbon does the rest! Other coaching features include: ∙ Adjustable check-in days ∙ Check-in explanations so you're never left wondering why the app did or didn’t make a change ∙ Check-in history so you can look back and see why the app made various adjustments ∙ Charts showing your weight, body fat, lean body mass, calorie intake, protein intake, carbohydrate intake, fat intake, and metabolic rate ∙ Early check-in feature for those who can’t always check in on their specified day ∙ Goal tracker so you can see the progress you’ve made and how close you are to your goal ∙ Recommendations after you reach a goal so you can plan for what's next and KEEP your results Already know what you are doing with nutrition and don’t need Carbon to coach you? No problem, you can enter your nutrition targets and simply use the food tracker. Beyond the amazing coaching features of this app is a food tracker that's excellent in its own right. Its features include: ∙ A huge food database ∙ Barcode scanner ∙ Quick add macros ∙ Copy meals ∙ Favorite foods ∙ Create custom foods ∙ Create custom recipes No matter what your goal is, Carbon Diet Coach is your solution. Simple. Scientific. Sustainable. App Subscriptions: ∙ Monthly ∙ 6 Months ∙ Yearly The subscription period will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To turn this function off, simply go to your iTunes account and turn off auto-renew. Renewal payments will differ depending on subscription and pricing at the time of renewal. Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Food database powered by FatSecret: Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:



  • Almost perfect

    By DaveTravels
    I’ve been using the app for a few months. It works well. For the most part, the algorithm is spot on. The price is $10/month. I think it’s worth it because it takes all the guesswork out of setting up your nutrition. My only gripe is that the app does not handle cheat days very well. For example, if you have a day where you seriously overeat without tracking things like pizza, tacos, beer and junk food, you’ll of course gain some fat, but you’ll also hold on to some water for a few days that could cause a fluctuation in your weight. You’ll gain weight fast because of the cheat and then dump the water, resulting in a pretty hefty weight loss. This fluctuation will cause the algorithm to go crazy and think you’re losing weight very fast. It will then adjust your calories up, higher than they should be. Following the suggested macros in this instance could cause a week or two of weight gain (or much slower weight loss). On the contrary, if you were working with a human coach, s/he’d probably recognize the cheat day gain and rapid loss and just tell you to stick to the same macros for another week or two. I don’t know what the solution is? Perhaps you just don’t weigh yourself in the 2-3 days after your cheat? Not sure. Well I guess the real solution is don’t cheat. Haha
  • Disappointed

    By nickpoche
    My wife and I joined Carbon around the 1st of the year and I have to say we are both really disappointed. We used My Fitness Pal for a while but opted for Carbon because we felt like we needed the support with our adjustments. However you get very little to no support with your set up. For the money we spent we figured it would be more of a “coach” but it’s just another app that hinges on some confusing term of “compliance” to evaluate your success. Customer support was helpful the first time I had to contact them but it’s through email and so the back and forth takes forever to get any support. I regret signing up.
  • Great app

    By ccannon93
    Carbon Diet Coach is great! I’ve used it to bulk, maintain, and am now cutting with it. It adapts to how your body is responding and gives you flexibility to enjoy life while dieting. As a female trying to gain muscle, this takes the guesswork of what my macros should be to continue seeing progress. I’ve had much better luck with this than actual coaches I’ve had in the past. At $9.99/month it’s also much less money than a coach and I don’t have to pay $20/month for the MyFitness Pal tracker. Could not recommend this more for anyone regardless of their health and fitness goals.
  • Has potential - just not there

    By fishpick
    So Layne - the guy behind this - makes it very clear this is a coaching app before it’s a calorie tracking app. Unfortunately the calorie tracking aspect is the best part. It’s designed just like MyFitnessPal - only a little cleaner and faster and the scanner works really well. But let’s talk the coaching aspect. The app sets up your calorie target based on information you provide. One thing it does exceptionally well is then give you a view over the course of the week and let’s you manually adjust up or down individual days and lock their target. That’s great if you make all the changes at the start of the week before logging anything. But it does nothing to look back at logged days in the period and stop you from adjusting below what was actually consumed. Say you ate 2500 calories - your target - on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday you decide you are going somewhere that day that will be a bigger calorie day. You can pull up your calories on Thursday and it decreases all the other days. M-W below what you consumed. Yes you can lock them... but that’s silly too if your target was 2500 Monday and you ate 2400... it should know that. Remember it’s supposed to be a coach. It’s not. They have videos on their help section where one of the owners says if she is supposed to eat 200g of carbs a day and accidentally eats 220... the next day she would only eat 180... this is their video on how to manage missing a day... great information... the $10 a month coaching app doesn’t do that for you!?! Or even remind you “hey you borked yesterday - better do better today with this coaching tips”... Finally - raise the questions to support and - they stop responding to your email. It’s a decent calorie tracker with a simple and clean UI. Checking in once a week to update your calories and macros - is not coaching at the app level. It’s missed opportunities to coach. I talk to my trainer / coach more often than the app coaches me... it ain’t coaching.
  • Best diet coach app...PERIOD

    By mr.hicksta
    After working with several coaches over the last couple years and having a good deal of success, Carbon has helped me build on what I’ve learned! The app itself is ridiculously easy to use, intuitive and straightforward. Layne and his team have created something that can truly help anyone with a variety of nutrition goals at a price point that’s insane! Well done Team Biolayne!
  • Meh

    By Mkj631
    I decided to give this a month trial to see if it's truly that great. I truly wanted to love this. I've followed Layne forever and wanted so bad to love it. They say it's a coach but really after a month my calories and macros didn't adjust or get coached even when I went up in weight one week. I did like that you can adjust your days so you can have higher days and it all still evens out. I also like the rings at the top to see your macros. However, I never felt "coached". I'm going to give it another month to see if it just needs to learn me. The tracker isn't the best and didn't have all the foods or they were wrong so it was time consuming to adjust them. So definitely has its pros and cons.
  • Macro Coach in App

    By MarinLivin
    Super happy to have been referred to this App by my wife. I’d been using MyFitnessPal for years and found the user guidance of when to adjust macros/calories my biggest challenge which led me to have on/off tracking etc. For me, the daily weigh ins with weekly Check In are effective in keeping me accountable. What kind of VooDoo is this?? Seriously, this is the coaching I’ve been wanting in an App, so far very impressed. Would like to see this BioLayne Team put out and workout App, that could be a game changer.
  • Needs some improvements

    By eCommuter
    Partner with a better database for nutritional database fat secret. Fat secret has no desire to correct or update their information.
  • Greatest app ever

    By Healthy habits bfit
    This is seriously an amazing app! It’s like having your own mini coach. This paired with their fitness membership and you have a solid private coach. Great team and awesome support. Thank you for making both of these available to those of us trying to do it on our own. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • First week review

    By Crumb06
    Enjoying the app and it’s ability to track macros and scan food barcodes. Would love to have a feature added so that I could also track sodium, fiber, etc along with the macros if possible.