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  • Meh

    By GuacamoleAndChampagne
    I dislike that the app only gives you little bits of your horoscope at a time. Annoying and too time consuming to keep my interest. pushy with up sells.
  • Sign up to this, sign up to that...

    By newbios
    Waste of time.
  • Great but there is room for improvement

    By GenieeTree
    I like the app for daily horoscopes. It’s one of the first apps I open every morning. I like that I get my sun and rising horoscope in a clear and concise message. Maybe include moon horoscopes too? I knocked a star off because of the reading. Frankly, I had a great reading (shout out to Laura Beth). However, the experience of it all could use some improvement. First, I know the readings are limited to 15 minutes. It would have been nice to have a timer or a little notification indicating that the reading was going to end soon. While my astrologer told me that my reading was ending soon, I didn’t get a sense of urgency because she asked me if I had any last minute questions. As a result, she had to end our session abruptly to attend to other customers. I felt bad that I didn’t get a chance to thank her for my reading. It really killed the mood because I had a very positive experience. Therefore, a timer on the reading screen would help. Next, there should be an option that allows you to pick the same astrologer for subsequent readings. I vibed well with Laura Beth and I would definitely go back to her for future readings. This would help users build a relationship with the astrologer and ultimately more $$$ for the app. As a user, I would be more likely to delete the subscription if I knew that I had a different astrologer every time I had a reading. Third, there should be an option to save the readings for future reference. Although I screen-shot our discussion, it’d be easier to have them automatically saved on the app. Fourth, after my reading I was prompted to pay another $16.99. I don’t know if that was to complete the purchase or that was an additional charge to continue the reading. I haven’t checked if I was charged twice, but I felt confused by it and left the reading. Again, this kills the mood of the experience. I’d be upset if I was charged twice. Please fix that so it doesn’t cause confusion with users and ultimately salty reviews on the App Store. Overall, this app is very promising and is off to a strong start. I hope these suggestions help improve user experience.
  • Two of the last part of this app are still missing for me

    By my name is shayla
    I’ve had this app for more than a week and my house section and birth chart are still missing. $30 app for missing info. Not worth it.
  • extremely expensive

    By b00mb00mb33pb44p
    paying $20 a month for an app is ridiculous. it says to me that only people with means can access it. otherwise you just get the basics that you can get anywhere else. very disappointing.
  • Awesome!

    By rachelrr82
    Love it!
  • Hidden Cost

    By KJ 2107
    $200 NO thank you!
  • HORRIBLE - Never works

    By Kdbw3
    This app NEVER works. Always says “So Retrograde - the stars aren’t aligned. Try again later” LITERALLY every time I go to login, change my password or touch the app. I keep it updated and it’s always the same. The content within the app (if you can get in) is fine, but if I can’t ever get it then it doesn’t matter. The frustration isn’t worth it. Deleting it and just sticking to Co-Star.
  • Fun app, but readings are worthless

    By tiggertam
    Daily horoscopes are fun, and the app is well designed, but don't waste your money on purchasing a reading.
  • Cute

    By Thunder Dream
    It’s an adorable entertainment app. It’s so far off on my days, it’s hilarious. Yes, my exact birthday is in there. Like I’m stressed having a terrible day, I pull it out and see that it was a power day- a great day for business! My so is stressed and needs space it tells me to connect (which is a bad idea lol). Paraphrasing in my own words of course.