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  • So far I like it : )

    By Danielledanielledanielleeeeee
    I like the color inside the lines feature and also the rainbow feature where it colors where you touch the actual color of the character. So far very enjoyable. And I got to completely redesign a character
  • I love Disney

    By Nightsis1
    I loveeeeeee this app but put more drawings on it ok
  • Technical Difficulties

    By L. Evans
    Ok, I used to like this game, but now it’s just sad. Here are 5 things I think you should change: 1.You only get a free trial for a week. What happens when the kids waste all of their parents money and then don’t want to play the game anymore? 2. There are some glitches. One time, I placed a sticker in the back of the sticker set, and I couldn’t remove it! Then, the App deleted itself. RUDE😡😡😡😡 3. You have to pay money?!?! That is not fair! When kids play this game, you want them to have fun. And paying REAL SAVED UP MONEY IS NOT FUN!!!

    By anonymous88601
    Very bad me and my boyfriend didn’t have fun coloring
  • Bad

    By LoveDisneyColoringWorld
    I hate this Map can you put another free one because the castle is boring!
  • I Love Disney Coloring!🤩

    By ljdufes
    Hi Guys! I’m Nisa! And I Have Somethin’ To Tell You! I Love Disney Coloring! Guys! Actually..You Can Color Every Characters! Like Elsa Or Mulan, Or Anything! My Favorite Character Is Arial! And Bye Guys! I Hope You Listened To My Example! BYYEE!😉😁
  • Waste of money and needs more Disney Channel shows

    By Eating eating eating
    Hey guys so unlock most of the photos but it’s a total money waste you have to waste over like $10 just to get a picture and the other thing is so I am a Disney Channel fan I watch it every day and that’s the only channel my TV is ever stuck on it’s not stuck on the channel but I’m never changing it off the channel unless I roll on the remote in my sleep or my dad changed it when I wake up and the other thing is my favorite shows from Disney are Bunk’d ravens home Big city greens Jessie K.C undercover and Phineas and Ferb but when I looked on there the only show of those was Phineas and Ferb on there I don’t know why but can you add the other shows like Bunk’d ravens home big city greens Jessie K.C undercover and all the shows I like because I didn’t see any of those the last thing about this app is there’s a lot of bugs that need fixing like what time does show me a Waze group for five minutes and kick me out I tried again and it told me the same what time I just showed me a black paint spot and went out keeps kicking me out for all the different bugs
  • Disappointed

    By Phily2617171
    I got the Monthly Trail and both of my kids IPads were under the same Apple ID as me and so then when I got it I checked both IPads and it didn’t do anything so I deleted and reinstalled it again and still nothing
  • Never play this app!

    By elle uyt
    I hate this app! It is stupid! I just hate it!
  • Please stop saying you support family sharing if you don’t

    By DoBetterDisney
    I have two daughters that each have their own device. They love your free coloring app. For their birthday we decided to spend the $50 (not one time...per year) to unlock the full app. After spending about 20 minutes trying to figure out if the subscription applies to family sharing or not, the app gives conflicting information (on purpose) by saying it supports family sharing but then in the fine print saying only if you have the same Apple ID. We hoped for the best and went for it. Of course it’s not which we didn’t find out definitively until after subscribing. Now we’ll be unsubscribing in full, removing the coloring app from both of their devices and forgoing any other Disney purchases. So instead of a still insane $50 per year so that a 6 and 4 year old can use your app you’ll get zero. Disappointed in you Disney. You’re better than this.