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  • Great game if...

    By 💋Krystal
    Your idea of a game is to close pop ups. Test your skill against other players, see how fast you can close those pop ups!! Really though, at first I really liked Raid. But it gets SO STALE after a while. At least in a game like Summoners War (which I don’t play anymore either) they have cool events all the time. This game? No. It has the same boring “events” over and over. Arena challenge, Summon Challenge, zzzzz. I do give it credit for the art style however, it’s basically the only gacha game that isn’t made for anime lovers. But still, nope!
  • Besttt gammmeee evveeedrryyyy

    By jackhamerrr
    Dude I am not losing at alll bestttt gameeee eveerr download it
  • Raid shadow legens

    By dnxncmxm
    I love this game so much
  • Matchmaking stinks

    By #blockvote
    There used to be a time when I would have given rave reviews to this game, but ever since they revamped how the strength of a squad is determined, it’s darn near not worth playing. The standard reply by the makers is that there is some sort of synergy between characters so your rating doesn’t mean you’ll win, but there’s no way someon rated 30,000 points below you should be able to destroy your team without you ever getting a turn. There is also no way to predict what the “synergy” factor is, so you might as well just randomly fight instead of trying to pick and choose fights that make sense. I’m not sure why there is even a choice in the arena anymore. It would make as much sense to simply be assigned randomly. I might buy into their argument if the “synergy” thing made a difference when the two teams were at least within a certain range, but there’s just no point in strengthening a team whe someone with half the rating can obliterate them. Star Wars and other games similar to this are a much better investment of time.
  • Quick idea

    By dan swisher
    You guys are doing an amazing job keeping the game updated if I may I want to kinda Give a little idea to increase the lvl cap for the champions to 70 because I noticed that there is a 7th slot for every champion in the tavern
  • Very goooooddd!!! 🖤

    By mrs michi
    Well, I downloaded this game thanks to a twitch streamer sponsor called Reborn_Live, and I’ve been playing it for a few minutes, and I MUST SAY this game is very entertaining and it’s such a complete game! I’m not a person that is very into phone games, but this in specific, it’s very catchy! Thank very much for sponsor one of my favorite twitch streamers. Congrats for your outstanding game!!!
  • Give me legendarys like 5 or 6 please

    By passuard
    Give me legendarys 5 or 6 please I really want them please
  • Muy buen juego! Me lo descargué por Reborn_Live

    By arianamat
    Me enganché al instante que me lo descargué, es muy intuitivo para seguir jugando y fácil de entender. Sin duda me parece muy entretenido!! Gracias a Reborn Live que pude conocer este juego
  • Sponsor

    By Bob Minecraft
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  • The amount of champions in this game is awesome

    I spend about and hour looking at all the characters. Make s’more