Process Monitor

Process Monitor

By AppYogi Software

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-01-18
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.89 MB
  • Developer: AppYogi Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.11 or later.


Process Monitor is a monitoring software for Mac that displays real-time system, process/thread and Registry activity. This app features advanced and safe filtering, comprehensive event properties, full thread stacks with symbol support and many more. ■ Segregation is done in different forms based on user, groups and parent processes. ■ Processes are continuously described to understand in better way. ■ If the processes are unidentified, they will not be marked, if they are identified and description is available, they will be marked in green. ■ Also track down apps, files and folders are located on the MAC. ■ Get all details of apps running in front and background, right from menubar. ≈ PRO FEATURE :≈ ◉ Residue Cleaner: Get rid of leftover files & folders after an application is uninstalled. This is the leftover junk. Note: If you find any process undefined (blanks) and you know the process details, then yes!! you can contribute write a description and submit it for review. Your contribution will be credited with your name and other details after examining. If you have any suggestion or face any issues, please write us at And want to contribute, please don't hesitate to contact us.



  • App uninstalls get notified, but are lost; cleanup does not work

    By Revuer67
  • Why is the app trying to access Google and facebook domains?

    By eVolut
    I have Little Snitch installed and monitoring calls that processes make to the Internet. It turns out this app is making several calls, as far as I could see within the first 5 minutes of using the app, to various adresses and one to facebook. I am trying hard to live without google and, most of all, facebook ! Is it too much to ask to be forthcoming and disclose upfront what the app will attempt to do behind in our backs, and why ? I mean… especially when the app wants access to our home folder where our private data resides? Is it too much to ask to have a Preference setting to explicitly disable those unwanted calls ? I know what's being done here is common but no excuse, and my low rating reflects that ! Another small detail… (sorry, it may look like a rant): For the sake of user-friendliness, please review the text of the app dialogs, and call a Folder a Folder, and not a Directory. I know this is the terminology that Unix uses, the user interface should use Mac standard and user-friendly terminology, and Folder it is! Even though I perfectly know what the term “directory” refers to, I find it irritating when developers don’t look outside of their world and take the end-user perspective. Some people may say this app is intended for technically savvy people, but nevertheless…
  • Very nice User Interface and Info Provided

    By OurVoyage
    Having looked at several process monitors, I find this to have the best User Interface and information provided.
  • App has great promise & the free version is quite useful

    By Jim.W
    This is a handy tool for finding out the processes that are running with a more informative display than Activity Monitor. It seems to depend on user feedback for descriptions of the processes, which, if present, can be useful in identifying what a process is for. The App does have in-house purchases. The purchase is for removing left over files from uninstalled Apps and costs $5.00.. So a full functioning App is not really free. Unfortunately the developer does not list the optional paid features or the cost on their website or in the App description so that the user can make an informed decision before installing the App. This 'Bait & Switch' is what driving a lower 'star' rating in my review. Two desired features is missing from this App. These are the ability to kill a process and the ability to delete it within the App. If these are added in a future release I hope that the developer adds adequate warnings and with administrative access as deleting some process that are not user processes could damage the operating system and require a reinstall. I also question charging for App features when the App seems to depend on user input to add descriptions in order to improve its usefulness. Given the limited time I have spent exploring it, along with a lack of information about the paid options, there might be other features that are purchases or some of the available free features might become disabled after a period of time unless paid for. Given that the App is at version 1.0 I feel it has great promise. If the App was forthcoming about the in-app purchases and had a 'kill process ' tool it would have gotten 5 stars.