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  • A Difference Maker

    By David (1)
    I use this app at least three times a day. I get my day started with it, helps me to align my day and get me focused. I get a reminder at midday to help keep me focused. My last reminder is at 6:00 pm that gives me a chance to review how my day went in regards to my daily goals. Simple but effective, both personally and professionally!
  • Helpful!

    By esm2112
    Excited for this app to help me with stopping and starting habits!!
  • Keeping myself on task

    By play shelton
    I always have trouble keeping myself on task and completing all my goals. But, this app helped tremendously and was simple to use.
  • Works if you work it!

    By McGoodson
    This app is incredible, especially starting out a new decade. Thanks to the check in features and the ability to constantly check in on yourself, this is a fantastic reminder of the things you want to do. For me, getting more sleep and more exercise are very important for this year and this app is set up so that you can start slowly and build your habits up. It has also helped me in quitting smoking (1 month and 3 days now) which is huge for me. Finally, my husband has this app as well so we can check in on each other and help with keeping each other on track. I recommend this app- if you actually use it (and do the work you have set for yourself) you will see major life changes.
  • Life changing possibilities

    By Khhbtt3
    If you are trying to moderate your life or want to create the opportunity of see why you are not meeting your goals and help to achieve your goal I recommend this app. I have used it in its beta trials and found is phenomenal to conquer challenges in life and in business!
  • Best app ever!

    By wwkels
    This app has helped me so much with better habit tracking. The app is easy to use and the benefits in the long run will be extremely rewarding.
  • Amazing app!

    By beth10000
    Beautiful interface and super user-friendly functionality! Thanks Nukshuk
  • Amazing Habit Help!

    By Jenni A Jones
    Used this app for creating new healthy and positive habits, as well as breaking several bad and self-destructive habits. Easy to use! Great personal results! And I feel part of a supportive community.
  • Absolute game-changer

    By Slice2000
    Absolute game changer. Best productivity and habit building app hands down.
  • Beautiful App, Actionable Habits

    By elibrum
    This app is very pretty and works well. The habit tracking is more flexible than most apps, but the actions that can be attached to habits are really where this thing shines. Want to meditate, pray or keep track of things you’re grateful for? This app makes it easy to do those things from the main screen as well as find accountability with connections and reminders!