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  • It’s to easy

    By alexhihellosoyeah
    I just downloaded it like 15 minutes ago and I already have all my he prestiges and almost all of the other balls. I could upgrade them but I wish it would take longer so that I didn’t beat the game in 20 monutes
  • Awesome game

    By U r da bet
    This is really good
  • Weird bug

    By fix thiiis
    Its a good game and all but i just ant play it,i cant play it because there is this bug that i cant get money i have to leave the game for 5 minutes and get the offline money.
  • Favorite game

    By Romanator 2009
    This game is so much fun I would recommend you to play it is the best game in existence
  • It took tons of cash

    By BrooklineRocks
    This game took away 8Q cash from me for no reason
  • This game is bad

    By bracey12345676
    This game is bad because you have to tap a lot
  • Multipliers are a scam

    By Twisted Romeo
    I am a fan of idle simple games like this one. I play them for ever when I need to occupy myself from boredom. Eventually I get later in the game when things start taking for ever. So I inevitability buy a multiplier to pick up the pace again. I did that multiple times in this game and each and every single time they did nothing. I even bought the biggest of them all just to have it do nothing what so ever. It was a complete and total let down and worst of all a waste of money just to get nothing. This game is a rip off in that regard. Tons of adds no appreciable multiplier to keep the game going. Such a shame.
  • Badly formatted, awful graphics, boring gameplay, and ads ads ads.

    By JTO23
    For the phone im using (IPhone 11 Pro) the level number and money is obstructed, making the game annoying to play. It’s not even a good game, the graphics look like the game is a 2000 flash game, and terrible gameplay for even an IDLE MOBILE Game. It feels like the game was made with no shame, no care, no effort. Also ads every time I press something. Thanks.
  • To many problems here!

    By redsaqw
    I like this game and all, but your company is just like the other idle games. First of all, this game has so much ads I might blow up. And you collect your money a LOT, so maybe only make ads for when you are doubling your money. Another thing, all you do is upgrade upgrade your ball a million times, and technically you are getting nowhere. Finally, make this game more then it seems to be. You are just tapping a screen for a hour, and you can get bored easily. You should edit this game with more fun instead of this.
  • If you want to remove ads for free, put it on airplane mode.

    By izakizak
    Mm hmm