Hello Sweet Days

Hello Sweet Days

By cocone

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2019-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.3.67
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 207.51 MB
  • Developer: cocone
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.53411
From 1,348 Ratings


*.. You’re invited to enter the world of Sanrio characters..* https://youtu.be/Yo64dK8yGLI *Style your clothes and room! Have a cozy conversation with your favorite character* [The Main Characters] Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin, and Cinnamoroll - all together in one place! Pochacco, Kuromi, Gudetama, Tuxedosam, Aggretsuko, Keroppi, and others are featured too. Items with your favorite characters can be found in-game! * … * … * … * …* … * … * So, what are you waiting for? Join Hello Sweet Days! * … * … * … * …* … * … * 1. Dress your avatar with cute clothes and accessories. - We have great outfits for every style, including cute designs with different Sanrio character themes! 2. Decorate your lovely room - As you explore, beloved Sanrio characters will delight you by popping up here and there as plushies! 3. Hold a party in your room and invite your friends! - Once your party gets going, there’s a good chance Sanrio characters will stop by! 4. Have conversations with characters living in Smile Town! - Sanrio characters might ask you for help! Grow close to your favorite characters by chatting with them! 5. Play alongside neighbors who also love Sanrio characters! - Share your interests with your neighbors by visiting their room or posting on the chatboard! * … * … * … * …* … * …* The following types of residents are already having a great time in town; * … * … * … * …* … * …* · Those who love Sanrio characters · Those who want to engage their favorite characters in conversation! · Those who'd like to relax in a warm and inviting environment! · Those who love fashion and want to try all kinds of different styles! · Those who want to explore their love for interior design by making the perfect room! · Those who enjoy Sanrio Puroland/Harmony Land! · Those who like Sanrio products! · Those searching for an avatar app they can enjoy with their spare change! · Those who love cute things! · Those who enjoy going to parties!



  • Yes :) just yes

    By Raccon <3
    I love the game, I’m kinda addicted.. I look forward to more updates. The one thing I hope to see in one of your future updates is that you don’t need dupes to exchange things, I have a many things I no longer want and would like to exchange but sadly I can’t only trade dupes :( Other then that it’s a very clean, healthy, and friendly game :)
  • save your money and stay away, needs a better age rating.

    By poopinggoblin
    This is a pay to play game. It is not appropriate for children, most of the comments by players are clearly adult humor. There is also a gacha system, which is essentially gambling for in-game rewards. How is this appropriate for children? Cocone manipulates roll rates, always giving you a big boost after purchasing some coins. Very early on, there is a massive pay wall. If you want people to water your flowers, you need your character and room to be worth visiting. If you want to play free to play, you literally cant. The game is designed to work against you, especially participating in an event, you can play all day, but only get common items on a rare guarantee roll or not find any event items while watering flowers. If you spend the .99cents you can go back to the game being normal. I have not been able to throw a party in the game. I have sent in 10 customer support tickets for different issues in the past two weeks. They delete your comments in the community section if you talk about this stuff. They are doing a lot to silence the community and pretend like what they are doing is okay. Cocone is stealing time and money from everyone who plays their game when they refuse to address this pattern of behavior nor compensate us for the downtime and bugs that affected in-game rewards.
  • Very cute, but too expensive 😭😵‍💫

    By Lhuynh
    I really love this game, it’s so cute & adorable. 🥰 And with the addition of the Sanrio Characters, it makes this game very special 🥺💖❤️ But I would really love to see some new features added to make the player’s experience more enjoyable. And also please consider improving the pricing in this game, it’s way too expensive!! 🥴😵‍💫😭😱 Things I would like to see added & improved: 🥰 A trading post/center just like the one Pokecolo has. Being able to post what you have and what you want makes trading a lot easier and convenient. (Plus being able to see pictures of all the items helps a lot) Hope you improve the exchange feature and make it more like the one Pokecolo has. It would save people a lot of time too. A way to message people directly in the game. You can only comment under their post which is inconvenient since some people may not post anything for you to comment under. (Also being able to like and reply to someone else’s comment) A feature where you can you see what players are currently wearing, their wish list, and the items they have available for trade. (Just like what Pokecolo has) This feature is very helpful and convenient for players to trade. Please increase the amount of items you can add to your wishlist. Only 30 items is way too little. Items adds up very quickly. Increase it to 200-300 at least 😅 For the Exchange feature, please increase the time given for the other player to accept your request. (24 hours isn’t very long) I hope you can increase it to 1 week or 3-5 days at least since people might be busy and not log in every single day. Being able to add multiple items through the exchange system. Some players may want to add 2 or 3 items to a trade due to the rarity of an item. (For ex: 3 items for 1) Allowing this would be very nice and convenient. For the all the Gacha tickets & XL Plushie probability up/XL Plushie 100% essence, please allow us to use it whenever we like since they are already hard to get. Please don’t put an expiration date on it. 🥺☹️😭 For the New Happy Bag Releases, I hope you can add it to the exchange system right away. We can not add the new items on our wishlist nor use the exchange feature in the game so it’s frustrating to have to wait for the new items to be added in order to trade. Many players do like using the exchange feature and would like to trade right away as soon as a new happy bag is released. The price to exchange items with other players should be the same amount as “Gifting”. Gifting costs less based on your strawberry club tier, that should also be the same with “Exchanging” items too. For Special Events, I hope it could be extended to at least 2-3 weeks, if not longer, because it does take a lot of time to be able to collect all the items. Being able to try on all the fashion/make up items in the game. This would be so nice and helpful!! Please consider it 🥰 Allow a feature where we could pick cute poses when saving our outfits just like the one in Pokecolo 😊 It would be very cute if there was a little world where you can walk around and hang with other players and chat with them. 😊 It would be cool if we could chat with other players that’s at our party too. ** Please make the Strawberry Club more affordable 🥺🥺** I hope you can improve on the prices and add more extra perks/benefits!! (More gacha tickets! Please add a 100% SR gacha ticket for those who are at Strawberry Milk rank or higher!!) Instead of ($500) for the Strawberry Cake tier, I hope you would consider lowering it to at least $300. 😭😭 It’s just way too pricy 😳😱 I hope you can make the Special Hair of the Month more attainable ☹️ It would be nice of we’re able to get the Special Hair of the Month with a $100 purchase. And with each additional $100 purchase, we can get an extra of the hair for trading. So with $300, we can get three of the special hair 🥰 Also please allow us to keep our cute profiles backgrounds, it’s very sad that that we spend a lot of money and can’t even keep our profiles backgrounds, feel like it shouldn’t have to be “Rented” each month 😓😭 I hope you would also consider increasing the amount of coins we get with $100. 🥴😵‍💫 Instead of (7,777 ) coins which is a very low amount ☹️😢, I hope you can increase it to at least 20,000 coins 🥺🥺💖 Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️
  • so cute! ios user

    By Kzpimp
    BIG thanks goes out to all the lovely people from cocone and sanrio, to all the developers and simply just everyone involved in making such a freaking cuteee nd easy to play (warning: ADDICTING lol) i could rly go on forever just lol thanks thankss thanks u guys killedddd it with this app✨💘 fr there’s never any glitches/problems at all whatsoever,, you guys reach out fairly often so as to just us know ur there and around if needed. once again thank uuuu everyone & wonderfully done y’all ✨✨✨💘💘💘
  • Crashing

    By Name's Patrick
    It's a cute and fun game but it's always crashing. It's crashing so much to the point when i click on the app to play it gives me a black screen :(. I tried checking my internet connection, updates, ect. I really hope you guys fix this problem :(.
  • Great but too many bugs

    By sharousa
    I love this game it’s so fun I really like that not in many games you can meet real users In this game you actually can! I also like that you can buy things with tickets from happy bags and buy a sweet collection and be on ranks and it’s really fun but there is a lot of bugs which can kind of stop you
  • Beware of VERY unreachable customer service

    By Picky_user
    The game malfunctioned for us and made all the in-game progress of up to level 55 and real money inaccessible. Daily service ticket the past 5 days have fallen on deaf ears and not a single response from the supposed help desk. They take your money and run with it. BEWARE. I am not the only one. Others have spent hundreds of dollars of real money too and gotten no service support for game crashes and bugs. Not a single of their “management team” in the app has bothered to respond.
  • The cutest game ever!❤️❤️❤️

    By Nyden143
    I love that you can pick types of homes and the little jobs are just amazing and you can make your own house and I love smile jobs one word for this game is perfect. Sweet days = cute.
  • I would give 0 stars if possible.

    By babydespair
    This game steals your money. I paid for an item and didn’t receive what was being sold to me. Now I’m trying to contact them and haven’t heard anything. DO NOT play this game. I will be uninstalling if I do not receive a refund. Very unprofessional. I WOULD LIKE A REFUND!

    By Lifeisgood349578
    This game is so fun and addicting! The sets are great, it’s Sanrio, and, …… NO ADS! If your on an iPad, YOU CAN PLAY IT! If your on an iPhone, YOU CAN PLAY IT! any device you can play! Isn’t that just great!? GET THE APP! YOU WONT REGRET IT! Hopefully this was helpful. Thank you. BYE!