Wifiry: Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Wifiry: Wi-Fi Signal Strength

By AppYogi Software

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-11-29
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.15 MB
  • Developer: AppYogi Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10 or later.


Monitor real-time WiFi signal strength and display the same in percentage with the connected network name in menu-bar. ■ Real-time Wifi Signal Strength Monitor from Menu bar. ■ Auto-connect, strongest Wifi signal available. ■ Get complete details of other available networks around. ■ Also, get the vendor details router of the available wireless signal. ■ Works with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacPro, Mac Mini. This utility adds network name, signal strength with "neat icon”, “percentage" or "dots" on the menu bar. ▸▸▸ Easy Color code & Percentage indicators rules. Green - Good signal strength (100-40%) Yellow - Ok signal strength (40-20%) Red - Bad signal strength(20-0%) With signal strength & connection status also get an IP address, mac address, open or secured, channels, BSSID, RSSI, Noise, Transmit Rate, PHY, Interface mode, vendor details, Security type, etc. ≈ Features: ≈ ◉ Get the public and local IP address. ◉ Connected wireless network name(optional) ◉ Copy IP, Mac address from the menu ◉ Set refresh rate of signal strength to scan wifi. ◉ Auto-connect to the strongest signal available. ◉ Transmit rate of a connected Wifi network. ◉ Colour code indication for easy sight. ◉ Customizable menu bar info displays. ************************************************************************************** ≈ User Review: ≈ ◎ As a user of Mac for the past 30years, I think this app is like all the others a must have for all users. Keeps one in range of the wifi signal at all times – by "Stoyles" ◎ It’s definitely not something you need, but it’s a utility that’s surprisingly useful and great to have. – by "Voltali" ◎ Some things are eminently simple yet so very useful, and this app is one of them. - by "conradb212" ◎ Our house is concrete and even some internal structural walls are with concrete and rebar. I ended up with four routers to hand the attenuated signal strength and this app showed me some weak spots, helping me to move routers for better coverage. Also, it comes in handy when travelling. I use it when there is difficulty in getting some work done and the app indicated to me if the issue is signal strength. - by "MarmotRidge" ************************************************************************************** NOTE: For any questions, suggestions, or to report bugs, please email us at support@appyogi.com. We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions to improve future versions of the app. We actively update with improvements and new features. And don't forget to review and rate your experience on the App Store.



  • Wifiry

    By [--REDACTED--]
    This application does not seem to function properly when connected to network via ethernet, regardless if wifi radio is enabled. The only information revealed is public IP address. Also, why does this app need access to my location?
  • Good Info

    By Pottershousemusic
    This app appears as a good resourse for knowing how fast our Wi-F- is operating. I havent had any glitches. Very satisfied.
  • Doesn't work

    By stonycreeker
    This app repeatedly quit without warning while I was trying to satisfy its requirement for location services. It also shows a signal strength that is distinctly different from what my iMac detects.
  • Great App! Recomend purchasing!

    By TIiller99!
    Great interface! Good Stuff!
  • Wont even start. Says its in maintenance mode.

    By XSk8r
    I just bought this and it doesn't work. Is this even active? I need my money back.
  • Cannot open App is under maintenance?!

    By tyriontheimp
    I just bought and downloaded this app and when I opened it, it would not open and says App is under maintenance?! So what kind of app will be dependent on external maintenance if it is just checking and monitoring my Mac?! So monitoring my Mac has to send out data to an external system??!

    By Madman74
    This app does not work on CATALINA! After you down load it and launch it... A pop up appears that says the app is currently "under maintenance" which...is rediculous since there is no indication on the page that it does NOT work with Catalina.
  • It works

    By Lion’s Pride
    I am not an IT person but for years I have complained that the wifi strenght in my office was crap and everyone would pull out their phone, tablet, and laptop and run a speed test and tell me I was an idiot the speed is just fine. I would try to explain well yeah you just signed on but stay a while and you will see for yourself the signal strenghts drops and the speed is slower than 3g. They would laugh and walk away. Then I found this App and finnaly after years the boss and IT fixed my problem because i could show them more than the stupid speed test.
  • ! Worst App !

    By Authorized Mac User
    ! Crashes ! Every ! Time !
  • wow

    By Pablo,Steve
    after i connected this my internet booasted to a level i could watch netfliex on my tv and still the macbook with the same internet.thank you,it got to pay tho,i asked that when you pay is it forever??or you gonna have to renew someday??