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  • snapchat

    By cam has a problem
    can this app view snapchat?
  • This is sickening

    By idk1727272727
    This app is appalling like other apps like this it ruins my teenage years I have to have the burdens of being spied on every day of my life for all I know this app could be spying on this review this app has kept me from making new friends because if I add a new contact it will send an alert and I am forced to delete it I also am punished if I talk bad about a teacher In the slightest bit teenage years are supposed to be the best years of your life and I just can’t wait for the day that I turn 18 and go to college cause the. I will get the freedom I need but it will be to late and I will already have adult responsibilities my parents got to live in a care free teenage years environment and it’s not right that I have to suffer. I just will never make the same mistake with my kids because I want them to have fun I want them to not hate there life and I want them to have a good relationship with me because I have seen what these apps do and I just am counting down the days till I’m free my teen age years should not be a prison I never did anything wrong . I hope this wasn’t the intent of the app but you trying to make things better has grown into a terrible problem and I hate my life and am counting down the days I look forward to school because that’s when I get to live my life and I go to a very strict school so that’s saying something
  • Children are able to disable the app on their phone.

    By MMJP upset Parent
    I have had the app for at least 2 years and my oldest has been able to disable the app on 4 different Samsung phones. I will not be renewing my 6 months at 99. As I have sent messages to group for assistance with no help or response. Why am I paying so much for si little quality customer service.
  • Instructions outdated

    By AJD323!!!
    I was so excited to implement this app. Sadly, the instructions for set up are completely outdated and I could not make it work. The directions of where to go on the phones for set up were completely wrong. This is very disappointing based on previous reviews however if it can’t be made to work because of this issue — what else are they not updating frequently? I have to give this at least a star to rate it but I never even got to use it, making it deserving of zero stars....

    By Nosnmn
    the fact that any parent would use this is embarrassing you shouldn’t have to use this app is you and your child have a good relationship
  • I hate it

    By No curse words
    I can’t freaking get a game without my mom saying you have to make sure it’s 4+ not 12+ or 17+ IM FREAKING 14. I think with this app me and my moms relationship has become worst. And it’s this app she is always being stalking with this app.
  • Trash

    By player of the game above
    Do Not Use!!!
  • App not working

    By kate74816/94
    Iv tried setting this up for days now and it’s not working! Please contact me to fix it or refund me. You have no customer service numbers???
  • Major Issues

    By My head hurts.
    I have had this app for almost 2 months. It took weeks to get my son’s device set up correctly and when we added my daughter’s device, again it took weeks and it was never successfully set up. I contacted customer support (many, many times) and they kept telling me to do the same things over and over. At one point they said it was an issue on my daughter’s phone. Not to mention it takes up to 24 hours to start pulling info, including info telling me the device is having configuration problems. I’m done! An app that costs this much should not be this much of a headache.
  • No good

    By getadlien
    This app doesn’t work at all