TalkingParents: Co-Parent App

TalkingParents: Co-Parent App

By Monitored Communications LLC

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TalkingParents is the best co-parenting communication app for families no matter the situation. Parents who are divorced, separated, or were never legally married use the TalkingParents app to communicate regarding their children. Whether your co-parenting relationship is peaceful or high conflict, our co-parenting tools make joint custody easier to navigate, while keeping all communications unalterable. TalkingParents is the most all-inclusive co-parenting solution on the market today. We are the only shared parenting app that offers messaging, recorded phone and video calls, a shared calendar, and payments in one complete service. SECURE MESSAGING: co-parents can send timestamped, unalterable messages to each other, allowing them to see when each message was sent or viewed. ACCOUNTABLE CALLING: co-parents can make recorded video or phone calls, all without disclosing their phone numbers to each other. SHARED CALENDAR: co-parents can manage custody schedules and coordinate appointments, staying in sync and avoiding conflict. ACCOUNTABLE PAYMENTS: co-parents can keep track of all shared parenting expenses, easily making payment requests and securely sending or receiving money. TalkingParents offers the most accessible, straightforward, and user-friendly Records system to co-parents. With TalkingParents, co-parents do not have to contact support or dig for information about obtaining a certified copy of their records for court, as they do with many other co-parenting services. UNALTERABLE RECORDS is a standalone feature that allows co-parents to request Electronically Certified PDF Records right from within the app or they can request Printed Records from the website. Our Records simplify legal proceedings for attorneys as well, making the evidence gathering process easy and streamlined. TalkingParents offers a Free, Standard, and Premium Plan, allowing parents of all financial standings to use our co-parenting service. Co-parents looking for affordable, cutting-edge shared parenting tools have come to the right place, as we have already helped over half a million families find support and peace-of-mind. Join the TalkingParents community today so we can help you focus on what matters most—raising your children. Terms of Use:



  • Slow

    By J:son:84
    Behind the game. It’s functional but once you start using it you’ll realize there is so much that could be done to improve the experience. Hopefully they put time and effort in especially for the price.
  • No contact

    By LBROOKS428
    There are times when the kids are with him I can’t even get into the app 🤔
  • Inappropriate ads

    By Tess.!
    The free account has an ad for an ESCORT service! I was tricked into adding my credit card info and I had to cancel my credit card ect. At a time when I needed so badly to feel safe, this site completely ruined that!!! An ESCORT service on a parenting app!! I’m dumbfounded actually.
  • Misrepresenting cost

    By PowerNerd
    In court they say the app is free get you to agree and then it is not free, the basics should be free txt messaging considering there are ads
  • Everything is a subscription

    By ridiculoususername1512
    In order to use the basic court ordered features of this app you have to pay a monthly fee to utilize it which wouldn’t be a big deal if the $10/month actually included the features that would make this app desirable instead you have to get the premium subscription. So on top of being fleeced by the state, you get fleeced by this app as well. 👍
  • Rip off

    By zach141414141
    I feel that this another example of the family court system which profits in the $100 billion average annually from weakening our country spiritually, Marlene economically from N and capitalizing off of the prophets of people, trying to do what’s necessary to raise their family while at the same time deal with this Orwellian nightmare that has been created
  • Terrible

    By b.futureman
    A horrendously difficult and unreliable means of communicating with your children. There are many FREE tools available for recording communications. This app is basically a state scam to extract $50/month from divorced parents.
  • Awful

    By ccccccnnnnnntttttt
    Terrible app forced on parents by a corrupt family judicial system. We always receive our communications when it is too late. Because there is no reminder, the other parent doesn’t respond for hours or days. This has made our relationship worse not better. This is just the courts making parents pay more money for a horrible communication. The courts are supposed to be helping not hindering the process.
  • Poor quality

    By bob j seager
    Your app is overpriced, and I have to go back to the home page and re enter messages just to read a text.
  • There is zero monitoring.

    By growingfamily
    There is zero monitoring on what each parent says to one another. Your abuser /“co-parent” is allowed to still call names, badger, harass, bully and abuse you. The only possible way to maybe stop them, and this isn’t a guarantee is if you pay thousands of dollars , time off work and time out of your own busy life with your children again to take them back to court where a judge gets a botched version of the reality of what you deal with by your abuser on almost a day to day basis on talking parents. This is put on by attorneys that are paid to twist, turn, stretch and exaggerate every single thing. Then have a judge put stricter boundaries of communication on the two of you. Keeping ALL forms of communication on talking parents. It didn’t change a thing the first. It’s not going to change the second time. So your back to square one being badgered, harassed, bullied and abused by the narcissistic parent. Talking Parents does absolutely nothing to help a high conflict “co-parenting situation. Talking Parents Does zero to keep high conflict/ abusive parents accountable every time they write a message.