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  • Sounds?

    By DJ 'Moji
    I want sounds when I get a text.
  • Very glitchy

    By c4tsnake
    Not really worth the time. Often it won’t register whether you’ve actually swiped on someone or not.
  • Bug Ridden

    By xX-D4R13N-Xx
    Too many
  • It works!

    By 8472927
    I met my wife on the app!!
  • Not Very User Friendly

    By Mrobboa
    I love this app, but it's not very compatible with Apple's built-in screen reader VoiceOver, which makes for some interesting attempts to swipe on someone that could actually be doing the opposite.
  • Too many imposters

    By Lake#5
    Far too man foreigner imposters claiming to be members of the U.S. military serving in the Middle East.
  • Good but needs update

    By JishGobb
    The app itself is good. I honestly don’t think all messages actually send. And my app layout doesn’t look like the pictures on the App Store page. Additionally, since iOS 13 has come out I no longer have the ‘Always Allow’ option under location settings. Other apps still have it so I know it’s not an issue with Apple. I’ve contacted support twice but haven’t seen any adjustments.
  • Pretty good

    By Just another White Guy
    I like how simple it is. But I logged out of my account and tried to log back in and it erased everything! I had like 20 matches! And everything was gone. And I’m not sure how to recover that so DONT LOG OUT! YOU WILL LOSE ALL PROGRESS!!!! Also, when you’ve swiped on every girl in the world ages 18-65+, you will still have some likes... And an app editor told me that likes get erased when you swipe down on someone who liked you... sooo... I have like 8 suitors who don’t exist...
  • Well...It’s something

    By brycestopher
    It’s something more than just trying to date in your ward...where you either already know everyone and aren’t interested in dating or have already dated everyone you’re interested in and are looking to find other people in other areas. I wish sending messages at least could be free since you can’t get to know someone without messaging someone and you can’t know who the people are who have swiped up on you unless you pay for a subscription which is frustrating. Also I don’t understand why my messages area doesn’t show messages I’ve sent so I can remember who I’ve sent messages to...yes it shows the messages of mutual matches’ messages but I wish I could see EVERYONE I’ve written. And I wish there was a location filter...because I’m just not going to date someone in Russia or South America etc I’ve got cancer and travel is not quite a possibility right now and going through 50% of the people out of the country is annoying.
  • Myrabelle

    By zolmryvb
    You need to explain exactly how this app works, should I pay for it or not?