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  • How do I say it

    By ghktxhkyxnk
    It works perfectly in beginning but after you click at any thing it hung up I had to open and close game 15 times to train first army
  • Waste of money

    By Poiuytrewqqeertyuiop
    This game is geared to the long term or big money people. Not hundreds of dollars but thousands of dollars.
  • It fun

    By dhbgvvfbvfhgutrfcghyeg
    It very fun
  • Arabic

    By dr.majhoul
    We need Arabic language please
  • Waste of time and money, skip this app.

    By williamsj91
    To many issues to list. WB spends all their time making I pretty instead of functional. The apps glitches make it impossible to grow and have fun with out spending thousands....literally thousands on the game. If you don’t have a job where you make millions and willing to spend min $1k per month, dont play, it will be a waste of time and money for you. WB support is unresponsive to reports of cheats and massive bot usage. It makes the game unfair as possible so you spend more. Smart on their part but not for you if you truly enjoy the game play. Now that Thrones has ended, all the storylines and events are boring and repetitive. Really, this app should be put out of its misery....
  • 👍

    By richieraz
  • The more you spend....

    By tonycannoli1969
    At first this game is very easy. Little to no money can be spent. However, as you, your keep, and your dragon become more need to spend real money in order to progress. Then it seems with in game glitches and new requirements to achieve higher levels you need to spend even more. This game is a money pit. Period.
  • Very expensive game

    By Hodoriific
    If you get zeroed with high level troops, they cost you big dollars to replace. Getting to the highest troop levels costs tens of thousands of dollars. In comparison, in Star Trek Fleet Commander you don’t lose big paid in troop assets if your base gets zeroed. So GOT allows players to incur big dollar losses as part of the GOT battle model. Expect to lose big dollars if you play GOT at high level.
  • Sani

    By Tammy Tonner
    Still to this day the glitches are out of control.. to the point where you can’t participate in events in customer support is no help they are not there for you they are just there to collect your money and does nothing for their paying customers maybe throw them some gold here and there and I do mean very little gold ..but nothing to compare what we put in they do not put out.. as you get is we will forward your report we will forward your report we will forward your report I swear it’s a broken record back there not a person.. I have two accounts on two different phones they love blaming the glitches on our equipment but how can I have the same glitches on to complete different phones.. and also seeing the rest of the kingdom complain about the same glitches so we all most have the exact same phones but that’s just their excuses to not give us anything back for our inconvenience they put us through ...they are greedy greedy greedy and do nothing for their paying customers...
  • Make ftp kingdoms or divide by keep level

    By Crunchberry
    This game is pay to win. Unless you have very serious money, do not expect to be able to conquer Westeros. I’d give it a 4 star but glitches have cost me at LEAST $1000 and I’ve never gotten anything back from tickets submitted If they could do kingdoms level 1 to 10, 10 to 20, 20 to 30it would be fairer to play for everyone. Then it would rate a 5 star between that and fix glitches. Or let us move our keeps to another kingdom of our own choosing? So many quit this game due to the futility and or the cost. It’s a great game but be prepared to lose the money you spend with being double charged for research, templates missing, crafting materials that disappear, sop issues etc and no customer service. I have emailed as well. You have a loyal and addicted following and could rule the world with this game. Answer your bug reports. Customer service!! And divvy up the kingdoms.