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  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2015-11-26
  • Current Version: 6.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 99.47 MB
  • Developer: EP Technology Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 2.27541
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Zmodo is the future of smart home solutions. The Zmodo app is designed to control a variety of smart home products and work seamlessly with Zmodo's cloud services to keep you connected with the ones you care about. Cloud Service Subscription Service Description 1. We offer two types of Cloud Service : Premium Cloud $4.99/month ($49.99/year) Platinum Cloud $9.99/month ($99.99/ year) *Prices displayed are for one device, the package price depends on the quantity of devices. 2. Subscribing to Cloud Service will be paid directly through the iTunes account. 3. 24 hours before the subscription service expires, the system will automatically renew and deduct the corresponding fees according to the plan type. 4. If you need to unsubscribe, please do so at least 24 hours before renewal date in the "Account Settings". 5. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



  • Love it!

    By DougNearDC
    Omg I’m so glad I didn’t read the reviews before purchasing the Zmodo camera. I asked a friend what he was using and he sent me the link and I ordered it. I’ve had my camera for about 5 weeks now and love it. We use it as a dog cam. When we leave the house our dog barks. I get the alerts just fine. I can hear him and I can talk to him. The image looks great. I have no complaints at all. I even recommended it to a coworker. Reading some of the reviews I was thinking it’s probably the operator not the equipment.
  • Can Zmodo get anymore ignorant

    By Kokotleokokotik
    Your app just keeps getting worse and worse. Why aren’t you listening to the reviews and the concerns of the customers? Never buying this crap again. This camera and the entire app just work less and less over the year I’ve had it. Done.
  • Please do something!

    By allgood707
    Hi, using Zmodo camera almost two years someday works some days crazy! So today I like to give a suggestion if Zmodo developer listens me. My big problem in the app because of my fingers are a little big when I try to press the live play button always pressing the play back button, so why not move the live play button to the middle because needs enough space between the two play buttons. Also why not make them bigger buttons??? The other problem I have I set it up the camera a fixed area but a lot of times the camera moves 360 degrees by itself and stops out of sight, so my suggestion in the settings please add an option to lock the camera position that can help ppl. The other suggestion I know from my research other camera brands have this option “on and off” button in the app so Zmodo should have the same options “on and off” button in the app. When I stay home I always cover the camera by piece of paper or a small towel because I don’t like camera sees me when I’m staying home, so please add “on and off” button. Hope these suggestion helpful and If Zmodo developer accepts my suggestion and update the app I’ll come back and write a review again, if not I’ll be buying / changing another camera brands. I have two Zmodo camera and if not solved these problems this may be my last with Zmodo camera. Take care...!!!
  • Worst ever

    By cbart264
    Have been trying since 6:30am EST this morning to obtain the verification code. Twelve hours later still waiting. Certainly not worth the time, effort or $$$!
  • update broke the app! AGAIN! and AGAIN!

    By V.R.S.C.D.X
    looks like it's time to junk these cameras and switch to a better company. their cloud storage is a total mess, and since that's their profit model I doubt they will last much longer.......... I canceled my subscription renewal so these idiots canceled my cloud services prior to my subscription ending at the end of the year !!! i'm paid up and can't use cloud services! it lists me as expired with a date for in the future of expiration. continuous recording is now broken! I paid for a year on one camera, and I'm glad I didn't pay for any of the other cameras, even after all of the continuous upsell offers. now the timeline only records in stop motion skipping a lot of the video I wanted to see when scrubbing. The video timeline has become useless now! their sales model appears to be : upgrade, upgrade, upsell, upsell, downgrade. this pattern usually ends up with a notice saying they've gone out of business at some point. One of the updates made the timeline expandable and much easier to use to scrub the video to see Beyond the triggered clip. (now that is broken too. expand jumps all over the time line, and sometimes inverts time line color with the trigger color), if you try to see what happened between triggers it's all in stop motion and useless. can't see what happens before or after, due to it being all chopped up and skipping time. *%@#!?! The update broke the app! Little bugs and glitches are annoying and this app usually has a few, but the latest update broke the app, and now when I edit my recordings (delete a few here and there) you can't go back to the other functions at all, and have to close the app and re-opened it just to get back to the home screen. (old) timeline is a little sketchy anyway, but now The timeline is broken by daylight saving time change. timeline does not have scrubbing and even with expandable timeline, it's still difficult to pinpoint what your looking for around an event
  • Avoid Purchasing Zmodo / Funlux

    By CloudRebel
    Avoid purchasing Zmodo / Funlux Cameras unless maybe you want a toy and or to pay for overpriced cloud subscriptions. If you want your own camera and NVR system they won’t care about you, they will constantly break functionality with firmware updates. Their most recent has rendered recordings useless for Video Surveillance Evidence which is usually why people buy surveillance cameras with an NVR. They removed the time and date stamp from any recordings you may want to download and use for evidence outside of their app. THIS IS EASY TO TEST. WHEN USING AN IPHONE, THE TIME AND DATE STAMP WILL BE REMOVED FROM ANY RECORDING SAVED FROM TIMELINE TO PHOTOS FOLDER ON THE PHONE. Somehow, for at least 2 months, their tech support isn’t able to figure this out. I guess they expect all authorities who may want to view that evidence to view your evidence through your phone instead of their own PC laptop or whatever is necessary to present that evidence to the authorities or a court. Furthermore, their support will treat you like your are renting their cameras instead of treating you like a customer who owns the cameras you bought from them. They only update their apps to push cloud service and try to sell things to you. THIS IS AN HONEST REVIEW. I could make it much longer talking about every time an update has caused me grief since 2016 because they don’t thoroughly test updates before rolling them out to the public. THUS, if you are an NVR owner and you having applied the most recent firmware update to your cameras on YOUR NVR system, do yourself a favor and don’t apply the update if you want date and time to remain on any downloaded recordings from your timeline.
  • It works fine

    By Ki11z123
    I don’t agree with all the negative reviews, you get what you pay for and these cameras are just fine.
  • They added a admin password to my system &

    By Jdhgvdjchxje
    I noticed that ive not got control over my own hard drive system again. I cant even change the date on the thing now! And to top it off, they added a admin password on my system. And i never added a password to the main system. Dont need to. But mow i cant do anything but watch it and hope i got a video recorder on and ready to show the police when someone steals my mail or trys to take things from my yard. BEWARD OF THIS COMPANY, THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE PART.... FORGET CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU NEVER GET VERY FAR AND WHEN YOU DO GET IN THE PHONE SYSTEM AND ARE WAITING FOR HELP, YOU GET DISCONNECTED AFTER 30 MINUTE WAIT AND IF YOU TRY AGAIN YOU GET THIS NUMBER IS NOT IN SERVICE AND I USED THE AUTO REDIAL OF THE CALL BEFORE THAT WAS DISCONNECTED WITH. Save yourselves some time money and headaches. DONT WASTE YOUR ANYTHING ON THIS COMPANY. They need to be shut down and customers refunded their money back. Good luck everyone. Please read more RECENT AND MOST CRITICAL REVIEWS BEFORE YOU MESS UP AND PICK THIS COMPANY. 4/6/2021at10:38pm. They turned their backs on us, and disabled out hard drives and they are forcing us to buy there cloud services. This company (Zmodo) was food up till the quarantine started and then they started to take advantage of all their customers in a few months they had a 4.9 out of 5 star rating. And now that they still push the cloud and refuse to let go of the hold and lock they got on our systems, they have a star score of 2.2. And thats not even all their customers. Reddit/subreddit is r/DumpZone4allBadApps id like to hear from others having these problems too. Since we can’t respond or ask questions to each other here in the Apple Store. But i cant believe in a world crisis when people needed money and didnt have it to spend on this cloud service of theirs, that they pushed it on us and those of us with hard drives have been disabled and forced their services on all of their customers. And us that bought systems with hard drives because we wanted to and could do it, take care of our own camera systems and not rely on others to do it for us. And have access to all those cameras and control over all the videos of so many people. Im willing to bet they wont even let my review like others iv written be posted. Im sure many reviews have been left off here. I hope Apple steps in and takes them down from the Apple Store soon. Save anyone new that doesn’t know anything about systems the complete and horrible way they will be treated like those of is already know. Thank you for reading my review if they even let it go up. And if they dont ive copied it and shared it on other apps and sites. 11/26/2020 at 1:08pm. Happy Thanksgiving every one.
  • Needs more work

    By goldmine42
    I like that I can play back past events BUT the playback speed is so fast that I have missed several events that were critically important. If I could slow down the playback then I would give the app a higher rating
  • Don’t even buy their cameras

    By mmmmmhowe
    This is the worst app. Sadly it is the only way to access the cameras we purchased, and 9 times out of 10 you cannot login which means the cameras are pretty useless. If you do manage to get into the app, you cannot use any functions without getting an error code. If I could give negative stars I would.