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  • Waste of Time

    By themonkeyams19
    Literally this app is lacking everything . I hope children did this in class and it only took less than an hour of their time. Seriously what is the point of giving away my space for something that gives no insight , no facts or real info. Pathetic must be approved by those who want to keep us all ignorant and uninformed and fighting each other against a real enemy . Keep the politicians that are just trying to get famous . Those who are supposed to be adored and admired are those who have no desire to be famous and liked by all and center of attention so they feel validated . Let’s bring back the rebels , truth tellers , real people who do not have obsession with makeup clothes greed and others opinions .
  • Missing something?

    By JBackyards
    Where’s the last two big quakes that hit California?!
  • Really a waste of time.

    By Mossie0826
    The app still doesn’t show anything beyond yesterday.
  • Theif

    By Bumper bingo
    You took my money rather quickly but what I aid for does not work. I only wanted earthquake info for the US but it didn’t change after I purchased. When I hit the restore purchase button, it asked me to purchase again. Fix this or return my money.
  • Kw

    By Alqzli
  • Not worth your time

    By dakota1956
    There are much better free apps. This is not worth the time to download, never mind paying for. Doesn’t even give maps for all earthquakes, just the one you select
  • Good

    By Beessel
  • No alert information

    By NVBarb
    Heard one possible warning on news, wanting more information obtained this app and no data to analyze. Hope more information in the future.
  • Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

    By BrennanPardee
    So, either I get the whole world's earthquake data, or I can select one country - but ONLY ONE - and that will cost an additional $0.99? And no real warning that I was about to spend $0.99? Also, the Favorites page is completely blank with no indication how to add favorites (no menu, no icons, no buttons). Pale colors make it hard to read menus. When selecting a minimum magnitude for what type of events you want to see, the text is too big and long and you have no idea what each one represents. Example: "Earthquake Magnit..." is exactly how every button appears. Is it 2.5? 4.0? Who knows? Yeah, it's like this app just isn't finished. Their mobile website help page is also blank; just "TBD" all over. Seriously. How did this get approved for sale in the App Store? It has potential, but it's just not ready.
  • Geology

    By Russkie10
    Best app to monitor up to date quake events