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  • great but annoying

    By Joslynnm
    I really love this app and the selection but i don’t understand at all why you can’t listen to the music outside of the actual app itself i get that you need the premium but at the same time it’s a music app. no one wants to stay in the app itself to listen to music that musi or spotify can give me even with listening to it outside of the app. i’m deleting the app today but thanks
  • Great

    By Techno geek6
    Would love it if when I started the radio it was playing songs related to the music and melody I started it from and less of the music I already like and know. Other wise couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
  • Love it

    By jonna blum
    Very good app
  • Can we have an algorithm settings menu?

    By Ezrocks4u
    Love the app, use it every day for the abilities it offers... but the my mixtape algorithm gets stuck on whatever I discovered and liked most recently... all the time. I expect it to give me more new music branching off, but it almost always stops with whatever I found and that’s it. I would love for the mixtape algorithm to be adjustable, from “recent likes only” to “all likes plus anything related to those tracks”. The liked playlist is better, but still sticks too much to your most listened recent tracks... If we could just adjust the algorithm within the app settings it would fix most of the complaints I see...
  • Love it

    By HeeBoo08
    My only problem is there’s no repeat button please fix that!
  • Almost Perfect.

    By iPhone Ate
    This is my all time favorite music streaming app, with all kinds of music and pretty interface. I only wish for an inclusion of an equalizer. That's all I ask for.
  • Please support Apple Watch Support !!!

    By You7Joe
    Please make a standalone app for the Apple watch !!

    By thangerrr
    Lyrics for song
  • Garbage

    By youtube music is worthless
    Worthless in Puerto Rico (doesn’t even open to its home screen). You need to catch up...
  • Glitchy

    By krohar
    Used to love this app. WE PAY MONLTHY and all I get is a glitchy app that won’t even open. I’ve tried everything but to no avail. This happens every few months. I would recommend paying for a different streaming service that won’t crash on you