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  • Not what they promote

    By Megamaniac3000
    So apparently , if I decline a call to my sideline number, it will revert the caller to my real phone number!!! Wow, very interesting for an operation that promotes total anonymity. A true second number is not what you get with side lineZ it’s a joke of an excuse for the call to go to my real number if I decline a call from my sideline . Ridiculous. The online support just “apologized for the inconvenience “ ... what a joke , this app has severe flaws
  • No way to contact support

    By 30agirl
    I tried to sign up for trial account. I picked my number,entered my cell phone and received an authorization code. The app locked up so I couldn’t enter the code. I exited it and tried again. When I put my phone number in it told me I already had an account and to log in. When I tried to log in I get a message that that too many attempts to set up the account. I’m going in circles. Not a good sign that it’s got glitches right off the bat. However, if made realize there is no way to reach support to fix this first step.
  • For a PAID service, leaves much to desire

    By jonkimchi
    Nice thing is that it is ad-free. There are serious issues with this app, however. Definitely try the free trial then decide. 1. No way to turn off ‘help/advice’ texts from Sideline. We get what you’re trying to do, but why is there no way to toggle the notifications in-app messages from Sideline itself (or better yet, block it)? Some of us don’t want the litter. 2. No way to search for content within texts. This is a huge issue for me. I use this for business and sometimes need to search for key words with all of the contacts that I am texting with. There’s no search function (like in the iPhone text app). 3. An in-app notes function would be nice. I do use the iPhone notes for this, but a separate place entirely would be nicer. 4. Last but mot least.... NO WAY TO SAVE CONTACTS IN-APP. What is the entire point of having a dedicated ‘separate number’ if I can’t even save contacts apart? I feel like these upgrades are not difficult to code and implement. We’ll see if I’ll keep this subscription. Sometimes I feel like a free app that has ads would be much better. If I’m paying for something so many free apps can do, I do expect the bells and whistles. The app seems to function well, though.
  • Not as described

    By ThatReviewGuy06
    I would have gave it zero starts put I can’t I thought it was free but right away when u signed in it asked for payment.I was gonna pay for it cause I need it but it was so slow to the was super laggy so I decided to delete the app. 0/10 recommend this app.
  • Locked up from first use

    By ObieBrad
    Downloaded app, registered and tried to test but nothing would work. Hard closed app and reopened same thing. Rebooted phone same thing, redone loaded app worked for one text and one video message then locked up again. I’ll be sticking with my other 2nd line app. Thanks.
  • Fine if you’re willing to pay $100

    By N0t a r0b0t4
    This app used to be free, now they want $100 in order to use it.
  • Glitchy

    By Reddhairdchick
    It used to work great. Now it glitchy, stuck with it though since it’s my business number. Sometimes people don’t get texts and especially pics I send. And screen freezes when I go to open it
  • Worst text app

    By Pooch1942
    Shut down my account for no reason
  • Works, But Zero Upgrades Made in Years!

    By StevenMayJr
    The app works, but the developer fails to advance it in anyway. It’s been available for years now and other than a team option which isn’t really relevant to smaller businesses, the developer has made zero efforts to update! You have a paying subscriber base begging for more paid options! How difficult can it be to add them? Where is multiple number support? Where is outside connectivity or API support? I’m a small business operating in multiple geographic areas, I want multiple numbers all ringing and texting to the same place! I want call and text forwarding! I want a Twilio or FrontApp integration! I’ve asked multiple times but the developer seems content to just ride out the apps profitability until it’s replaced by a better one and dies! 😡
  • Excellent App Phenomenal Service!!!!!!!!!!

    By Avve Satani
    I have read some of these misleading and downright false reviews of bad service and feel I must come to the defense, of this incredible and most useful app! I remember feeling aggravated that Sideline was no longer free, but I remembered that I am also in business myself and that I wouldn’t be in business for long, if I offered my goods for free! This app pays for itself in my opinion and also I have never, NEVER, had any problems with it at all! Keep up the good work lads and please add the functionality to block callers! Thank you SIDELINE!!!!!!!!